Chat, Chow and Chirp-

In the past few months, we’ve seen companies and individuals using Chirpify in new and unique ways. We’re going to start writing about some of these cool folks. If you see any cool Chirpify companies, let us know!

Chat Chow is one of these unique companies. We recently sat down with them for a quick Chirp Chat.

Q: Tell us a little bit about your podcast.

A: Chat Chow TV is a weekly, mouth-watering video podcast where we go behind the scenes with the celebrated chefs, owners and mixologists of the food industry.

Q: How did you first hear about Chirpify?

A: At SxSW, with the Tweet-A-Beer application.

Q: Explain how Chat Chow used Chirpify recently.

A: In honor of our one-year anniversary, we decided to cook up something for all of our fellow foodies, both new and old. We called it #ChatChowCheers and it began April 1st (not a joke) and ended on April 30th. We randomly scoured the TwitterSphere for people thinking of, heading to or eating at any of the restaurants that have been featured on Chat Chow TV in the past year and sent them money for a drink (courtesy of Chirpify) because the virtual transportation of alcoholic beverages is still only found in science fiction.

You can see more information on #ChatChowCheers here.

Q: How can Chirpify users find out more about Chat Chow TV?

Visit our website!