Chirpify For Artists? An Interview with Marc Johns

Most people don’t know this about Chirpify but we aren’t just techies. Chris is a photographer. Rory owned a record label. Heath published a collection of poetry. Needless to say, we all have artistic outlets that take up much of our non-technical time.

Marc Johns is just one of these many fascinations of ours and when we saw him utilizing Chirpify, we couldn’t resist ourselves. We HAD to interview him.


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

A: I’m an artist and illustrator. I make my living primarily through the internet. I’ve been sharing and selling my drawings online for about 6 years now. I’ve also been fortunate to make illustrations for Newsweek, National Geographic, Wired, Harper Collins, and lots of other really nice people

Q: How did you first find out about Chirpify?

A: I think it was from a TechCrunch article. However I was following your previous incarnation, SellSimply.

Q: What are you currently using Chirpify for?

A: Selling original drawings. Although I plan on trying it for other things like prints and (in the future) downloadables.

Q: How has your experience using Chirpify been so far? What results have you seen? 

A: Chirpify is amazingly easy to use. And compared to traditional ecommerce, Chirpify feels like street vending. You are taking your offering and bringing it into the flow of activity. Only instead of a busy sidewalk, it’s in your followers’ Twitter streams. It’s where people are already.

I’ve always been interested in finding ways to make art more accessible, and to make buying art easy and friendly and non-intimidating.

The results have been great, although I think it’s still so new for people that there is some hesitation on the part of potential buyers. I was hesitant at first too. But it works like magic. I especially like how a tweet that’s selling a single original drawing will automatically disappear after it’s sold. You guys are magicians.

Q: Where can we see more of your stuff?

My website is a good place (Editors Note: We agree completely.)