Direct Payments – Mo’ Easier, Mo’ Privater

We have thousands of people paying each other with one Tweet.

To do this our members just Tweet…

“Pay @friend $X for reason”

We’ve heard your feedback: You wanted an easier, and more private, way to pay friends. So, today we’ve released an update that allows you to pay a friend by mentioning them directly. This way, the payment won’t fill up your followers timelines.

To pay a friend, you now just have to Tweet…

“@friend $X for reason”

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.

  • Bex Van Koot

    So does this mean any time I use the phrase “@xxxx $xx for yyyyy” money is automatically taken from my account? That seems a bit… dangerous.

    • heath black

      See above comment, fortunately we’ve not seen any cause for concern. If you for example said “Going broke after today” and i replied “why’s that?” the natural linguistic would have you respond “@heathwblack because i spent 500 for a new pair of shoes” rather than “@heathwblack $500 for shoes.”

  • heath black

    @facebook-603895219:disqus if you have a Chirpify account, yes. Anytime you write @username $amount for reason, it will pay them. It has to follow exactly that format, however.