Feature Update!

Hey Chirps!

We Love You So.

We really love our users. They’re smart, artistic and pretty cutting edge if you ask us.

That’s why we do our best to listen to you all when it comes to adding new features on Chirpify.

In recent months, we’ve added Direct Donations and the ability to use exclamations with the “buy” command.

Today, we’re pretty pumped to announce a bevy of new features.

Upload Limit

Once upon a time Chirpify had a 30 megabyte limit for digital content. Sad days those were, but our developers are pretty cool, so when we asked them to increase that limit, they replied with glee. Some lines of code and a few days laters, we now support 1 gigabyte for digital uploads. Yah, 1GB, or 33.3x more upload space for you.

Listing Landing Pages

Twitter is our homeboy- but we understand many of you have blogs, websites, Facebook Pages and other means of social networking. So we’ve created Listing Landing Pages. These pages allow you the ability to post the items you’re selling all across the web. Check out a few examples of our favorite listing landing pages!
+ Teal Blue Canvas by @ethanollie
+ Tickets Giveaway by @sydneywayser
+ Phil Wickham’s “Response” by @freeccm

ePub Files

Authors far and wide traveled the interweb to Chirpify, but alas were not able to upload their eBooks. It was not the best of times, only the worst of times. But unlike Dickens, we wanted to get to the point quickly. So now we support selling ePub files directly in Chirpify! Looks like it’s about time you finish that novel you’ve been working on.


Good things come in pairs, which is why we thought inviting your friends to Chirpify should be easier! You can now invite your friends to use Chirpify directly in your Chirpify Dashboard! Looks like you’ll finally be able to get them to pay up for that big night you all had a couple weeks back.

Promotion and Coupon Codes

We still enjoy waking up on Sunday morning, brewing a french press of coffee, turning on cartoons and cutting out coupons from the Sunday paper. That said, we’ve been thinking “What if we eliminated cutting out those coupons? I bet that’d add a year of our life to just play and have fun!” So we did exactly that. You can now deliver users coupon codes once they’ve purchased an item via Chirpify. To find our more, just contact us!