Gimme Gimme

Want to give away your latest mp3 track? How about a free E-book?

We already enable you to list and sell physical and digital items in-stream on Twitter. So, we thought you should also be able to give things away, and have the order automatically fulfilled. Well, now you can!

Here’s how it works…

When you create a new listing you can now set the price to $0 to give the item away. Instead of people replying with the word “buy”, your followers reply with “gimme“. When they do, we’ll process the listing. Everything else happens as usual.

If it’s a digital item we’ll auto-respond to the person with a download link. As usual, this link will only work for that Twitter user.

If it’s a physical item, receipts and messages will go out and fulfillment will occur just as if you sold the item.

As always, you’ll see a transaction in your dashboard.

Happy giving!