Hello World, It’s Chirpify!

Welcome to Chirpify! We’re excited about our launch, and overwhelmed by the coverage we’re receiving.

There is a ton to talk about with Twitter Commerce, but we’ll let the press do that for us!

We’ll be updating this post throughout the day. Enjoy…


Sell Simp.ly Rebrands As Chirpify; Launches New Twitter Commerce Platform For Brands

“When Chirpify merchants want to sell something, they just click the “List on Twitter” button when drafting a listing in their new eCommerce dashboards. Then, inbound sales info appears as an email or “as part of the retailer’s back-end system, or via a direct message on Twitter.””




Startup Lets You Buy and Sell Stuff on Twitter

“PowerBar fans, for instance, will see on the company’s Twitter feed this week that such transactions are possible, but if they want to buy something, they will have to register with Chirpify. Teso says that the appeal for brands will be obvious: “It’s a way to instantly monetize their followers.””




Chirpify Facilitates Scarily Seamless Twitter Payments

“The company built an open API that allows third parties to develop apps. The idea is that e-commerce companies like eBay, Etsy and Kickstarter can integrate Chirply into their sites as a way to easily extend their commerce offerings onto Twitter. The first developer to use the API is an ad agency which built an app for South by Southwest. The app allows users to buy their friend a drink at specific bars during the festival in Austin.”




Chirpify turns Twitter into a payment and commerce platform

“Brands are already tweeting about products but those are just broadcast ads trying to lure consumers from Twitter to a five-step checkout process,” said Chris Teso, founder of Chirpify. “We eliminate that and make commerce frictionless.”




Chirpify Does What Twitter Won’t Do: Allow You To Monetize Your Tweets

“Could this become the biggest competitor to Square and all the rest in the industry? Will Chirpify decide to disrupt the way payments are done and could they be the pioneer in finally breaking through in monetizing tweets on Twitter?”

– bub.blicio.us



Portland’s Chirpify turns Twitter into sales channel

“The big opportunity, Teso believes, comes in Chirpify’s ability to help brands sell products on Twitter.

Chirpify can be integrated into major e-commerce storefront software programs that allow merchants to simply click a button that says “list on Twitter.” Brands can host Twitter specific promotions.”

– The Portland Business Journal 



Buy, Sell, Donate And Transact On Twitter With Chirpify

“As for the businesses, Chirpify offers deep integration with existing e-commerce storefronts, including Magento, for back-end fulfillment, listing and transaction management. The image below (taken from the site) captures the details of a buyer who has replied to one of the sales tweet.”

– fastgush



Start-up Launches New Twitter Payment Platform

“Chirpify will let customers to buy from companies or organizations by tweeting at them; people can also use the platform to support a candidate or charity. As of now, PowerBar is the only brand that has started using the new platform, but Chris Teso, the founder and CEO of Chirpify, told Mashable he hopes other companies will follow in PowerBar’s footsteps.”

– inc.com



Chirpify Lets You Buy and Sell on Twitter

“So far, vendors have used Twitter as mostly a broadcast platform. Chirpify lets users add commerce into their Twitter streams, allowing anyone to purchase something off of a tweet, just by responding with “buy.””

– WebProNews



Twitter-friendly start-up Chirpify uses PayPal to compete with Facebook, shopping in 140 characters or less

“A lot of brands are selling on Facebook. Brands are tweeting left and right about their products. We can convert those tweets to sales. It’s a pretty easy sell,”

Toronto Star