Introducing Direct Donations


Thousands of you are already using Direct Payments to…

Buy a friend a beer
Buy a friend a burrito
Pay for Sushi
Pay for a concert ticket

So, we thought you should also be able to donate to your favorite charity, political campaign, or kickstarter the same way.

Introducing Direct Donations

Direct Donations are a way to directly give to other Twitter accounts.

To send a Direct Donation just Tweet in the following format: “Donate $amount to @username for reason”.

Example Direct Donation

As usual both the recipient and the donor will receive a receipt in their dashboard containing all the information about the transaction. Also, don’t worry if the account you’re donating to doesn’t have a Chirpify account. We’ll pick it up anyways and auto-respond to them with a sign up link. When they sign up, your donation will process.

Giving was never so easy! So, go forth and Twive, or Dona-tweet, er Fundtweet? Meh, go give, it feels good!