Soundscan Has Arrived

The musicians and labels that we’ve been working with over the past few months have been extremely helpful- providing feedback, suggesting new features, etc. One of the features most requested by our musical partners was the implementation of Soundscan.

After a couple months of conversations with Nielsen, back-end development work and a good amount of testing, we’re proud to announce that we have implemented Soundscan reporting for music sales on Chirpify.

The process is pretty simple. When you upload a digital piece of content on Chirpify, a few new text fields will pop up (see picture below).

In those fields, you just need to put the artist name (double check spelling as all information has to be the same as Soundscan’s documentation states). You also need to put the song/album title as it’s officially registered.

The last step, and most important (once again, double/triple/quadruple check the information), you need to input the ISRC or UPC number for the digital piece of content you are listing. Whether it’s a single or an entire album, Soundscan will work for both!

If you want more information on Chirpify and/or Soundscan implementation, email our VP of Music Development, Rory Felton

So there you have it- Chirpify + Soundscan for world domination! Enjoy and report.