Gruener- Gentleman, Developer, Scholar

We’ve been hiring people left and right lately. A couple months ago, there was one person (Chris Teso). Then we added Rory and Rayburn. Needless to say, things have been pretty crazy!

One overarching theme we’ve seen since the hiring process began is that our team believes in Chirpify as a product, payment channel and eCommerce solution. The next thing we’ve seen is that our team is awesome and the culture that we’ve built around said team is just as amazing (I feel THIS excited everyday when I get to the office).

We’d like you to meet Todd Gruener, one of our recent hires.

+ Chirpify: What is your Job at Chirpify?
Todd Gruener: I’m a back-end developer, focusing on API support.

+ C: What did you do prior to Chirpify?
TG: I had a two parallel lives- Freelance PHP Developer and Tour Bus Driver for Megadeath, MosDef, Yo La Tengo and Warren G. (Editors Note: This fact did not have any influence on hiring Todd, or maybe it did.)

+ C: What’s your favorite thing about the Chirpify Team?
TG: We communicate ideas, both good and bad, very well. We bounce them off each other knowing that the feedback will always be timely and constructive. It’s nice to be a part of a team that makes each other better at what they do.

+ C: What’s your favorite thing about the Chirpify Platform?
TG: From a Dev standpoint, Chris really thought this thing out. The code is organized and well-kept. Everything within the product, from a code and product standpoint, are VERY intentional.

I also like the idea that bands and musicians can give away and/or sell music easily on Chirpify. I think that the band/musician relationship to fans was lost for some time, but Twitter has helped bridge that conversational gap.

+ C: Why did you decide to join Chirpify over other Portland startups?
TG: Really and truly- Chris was my deciding factor. He’s a developer. He’s a BizDev guy. He’s a designer. He can do it all and inspires us to be the same way. It’s easy to get behind his product because he’s a great leader.

+ C: What are you currently working on for Chirpify?
TG: I’m helping prepare our API for public consumption. ALSO, i’m working on Chirpify 2.0, which is coming this fall (Editors Note: Teaser Alert!).

+ C: Where do you see payments heading in the future?
TG: Cashless. It’s inevitable and exciting.

+ C: What do you do when you’re not coding at Chirpify HQ?
TG: Fight the rose bushes at my house, so they don’t take over the property, Barbecues, Going to local shows.