The first third party application built on top of the Chirpify API has been poured, and it’s brewlicious!

Brewed and bottled by agencies tenfour and Waggener Edstrom, the application enables anyone to buy a friend a beer over Twitter.

Using Chirpify’s Direct Payments, Authentication, and Tweet Publish API’s, tenfour built a mobile beer buying application capable of frictionless, social, real-time transactions.

The app let’s you choose a beer recipient, your favorite pub, and a simple message. The combination of geo-targeting, Twitter, and conversational commerce is very cool and has us fermenting with ideas.

Tenfour digital strategist, @dtwood, had this to say: “tenfour was excited to be the first to build an app on the new API. We’ve been impressed by the commerce platform for our own Tweet-a-Beer app and look forward to monetizing our client’s future social campaigns. Chirpify has reinvented the impulse buy.”

So, what are you waiting for? Become a beer benefactor. It’s twist-off simple and safer than a designated driver!

Looking to build something cool on our API? Let us know what you want to build.