Going Beyond 140

As many of you know, Twitter rolled out a new feature called Twitter Cards, or Expanded Tweets. It’s a pretty cool way for users to be able to see content contained within a link posted within a tweet.

We at Chirpify thought this would be beneficial to our users, both sellers and buyers, so we’ve implemented Twitter cards into our listing Tweets.

Here’s what Twitter cards look like for Chirpify Listings in various places.

On Twitter.com

Twitter Card Chirpify

On iPhone

FueledByRamen iOS

On Chirpify


In order to make this new feature as beneficial to our users as possible, we’ve added a new field on the Chirpify Dashboard called “Extended Listing Content”. In this field, you can put any product-specific details that you want. The real benefit is that these details will not take up any of the 140 characters allotted per tweet. Another added benefit is that if anyone on Twitter shares your Chirpify link, the information will show up in a Twitter Card.

Take a record label for example. You want to launch a sampler of your artists, possibly a summer-themed compilation but can’t fit all of the artist information in the tweet. That’s a perfect opportunity to use Extended Listing Content, so that information will show up in Twitter Cards.

Fueled By Ramen (editors note: This label is pretty fun.) launched a “gimme” yesterday and did exactly that.

In addition to Extended Listing Content living within Twitter Cards, it also shows up, in-full, on the Chirpify Listing Landing Pages for your particular listing.