Feature Update: Umbrella Accounts

Welcome to PortlandChirpifyHQ is located in the lovely town of Portland, Oregon. As many of you know, it’s a rainy place, so the conversation of umbrellas can come up from time to time. This conversation considers a different type of umbrellas.

We’ve recently built a new feature called Umbrella Accounts to help expand our service for those using it.

What is an umbrella account?

Simply put, an umbrella account is the ability for one entity to manage multiple entities underneath it. Take a record label for example.

You might manage tens or even hundreds of artists. This includes everything from music distribution to merchandise relationships. The most common format or monetary management is that when a band makes a sale, whether it be merchandise or digital content, the money is deposited into the label’s bank account (Note: This is VERY general and very simplified). After this deposit takes place, the label takes their cut and distributes the other relevant cuts (i.e. pays the band, the band’s crew, the distributer fees, etc.)

Umbrella accounts will simplify label-to-band relationships, so they’re not cluttered with new processes. The bands each have their own Chirpify accounts, but it is linked to the Label. So, the current flow of business doesn’t need to change in order to implement Chirpify for selling content online!

Who else is a relevant user for umbrella accounts?

Music is one of the primary uses of umbrella accounts. Marketing and Advertising agencies also need the ability to manage multiple entities. There are also companies that include niche-based-subsidiaries, like Gilt Groupe, that would benefit from umbrella accounts.

How will this change your experience?

If you’re a label, it will streamline your sign-up process, as well as your initiation of listings on Chirpify.
If you’re an agency, you can manage multiple brands under your account.
If you’re merely a Chirpify user, your experience will stay the same!

I want an umbrella account, what do I do?

Umbrella accounts are by request only at this time, so Contact Us!