Social Media & Chatbot Marketing Automation

Listen, respond, and reward consumers for any activity. Chirpify enables modern one-to-one marketing automation at scale.


Rules Engine

Apply rules for economy, geofencing, image recognition, language, frequency, influence, content, rewards delivery, and more



Segment users and posts by CRM data points, UGC quality, engagement, location, and pick responses and rewards before sending


Rewards & Experiences

Points, experiences, discounts, samples, digital content, sweeps, contest entries, reminders, utility and more



Conversations, keywords, hashtags, photos, shares, follows, purchases, crm actions, birthdays, check-ins and more


Automate social media and chatbot responses, rewards, and marketing outcomes at scale and in the moment


Smart email, sms, chat, and social responses from your brand based on campaign and user criteria as well as language translation

CRM & Analytics

Acquire social identity tied to customer records. Segment, filter, sort, and search users in your dashboard. Measure reach, impressions, conversion rates and more

Engagement Loyalty Programs

Listen, respond, and reward consumers for any activity, and perform complex marketing automation across social and traditional channels.

Social Media & Messaging Rewards Conversion
Real-time conversion of social and messaging actions to points, experiences, promotions, content, upgrades, samples, contests and more
Listen, respond and reward for any and all activities across all your channels, from spend to social
Customer Acquisition
Earned media and social engagement will drive new customers into your program
Messaging & Content
Automate or moderate smart responses and content differentiated based on campaign and user criteria back to consumers in their native language over the same channels they posted on
Socially connected loyalty members spend more. See Proof.
Enriched Data
Tie social identity, demographics, and other first party data, to email in CRM and marketing databases
Program Management
Chirpify account reps handle everything from strategy to campaign management to ensuring and reporting on success
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Campaigns & Chatbots

Listen for social and messaging conversations, actions and topics, and automate or moderate smart responses, rewards, and content over those same channels.

Define and listen for conversations and triggers such as photos, hashtags, keywords, topics, likes, video views, pins, comments, links, sharing, check-ins, geo-posts, and more
Automate smart responses, rewards, entries, utility reminders, digital content, and more, based on campaign and user criteria back to consumers in their native language over the same channels they posted on
Geofencing, points economy, member status, image recognition, frequency, influence and more
Offline to Online Conversion
Connect offline media like television, events and in-store calls-to-action to conversion using chat
Enriched Data
Tie social identity, demographics, and other first party data, to email in CRM and marketing databases
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Connect Social identity, engagement history, and spend to existing customer records. Segment and view member posts, analytics, and consumer profiles.

Sort and segment members to view engagement, rewards, and consumer profile data at the campaign and program level
Segment & Search
Segment and search for members based on social identity and multiple user criteria
Export & Integrate
Export CRM data via CSV or integrate with your existing CRM to push data in real-time
Maintain complete control over who and what you reward based on segments, engagement, and consumer data points
Messaging & Rewards
Message consumers back instantly over social and email, and choose different rewards and messages based on segmentation data
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Measure impressions, posts, reach, conversion, member acquisition, and the impact of your campaigns

Go beyond just impressions to measure marketing conversion
Watch as your consumer frictionless rate increases as more members connect their social accounts to your program
View social identity data and export results via csv or integrate into your crm
Dynamic Reporting
Layer multiple data points and export to pdf for beautiful reports
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Customer Success

At Chirpify we’re not just a platform, we’re domain experts that ensure success from strategy to support.


Our customer success team works with you to define the loyalty strategy, economy, triggers, responses, and kpi’s to ensure program success.


Our customer success team will help you plan and launch campaigns to drive registration, participation, and engagement.


We’re more responsive and nimble than any other vendor, and happy to provide references from the world’s biggest brands to corroborate this.


Our services team has been leveraging engagement in loyalty for years. We were born on social, not trying to back into it.