A White Label Platform for Engagement & Loyalty

Chirpify is an end-to-end platform for engagement and loyalty — from defining and listening for social and messaging actions to rules-based replies, and from frictionless marketing conversion to enriched data. We enable brands to give their best consumers an omni-channel remote control to seamlessly engage, converting campaigns across marketing channels.

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Define and apply rules for rewards economy, geofencing, frequency, influence and more

Rules Engine

Moderate posts for UGC quality, consumer profiles, and pick rewards before conversion


Deliver points, discounts, reminders, digital content, sweeps, contest entries and more, in real-time

Rewards & Content



Define and listen for triggers such as photos, hashtags, keywords, topics, likes, video views, pins, comments, links, sharing, check-ins, geo-posts, and more on social and messaging channels


Automate responses, rewards and conversion at scale and in the moment


Smart email, social and messaging responses from your brand based on campaign and user criteria as well as language translation

Data & Analytics

Acquire social identity tied to customer records. Measure reach, impressions, conversion rates and more

Campaign Builder

Quickly build and launch loyalty, marketing, and conversational conversion campaigns

Define triggers to listen for such as hashtags, topics, photos, links, sharing, emojis, follows, and more
Define smart rules that can gate participation by geolocation, influence, and past consumer history
Design smart dynamic responses to go back to consumers that set off a trigger
Rewards & Conversion
Add and manage the rewards or conversion that will occur when a consumer sets off a trigger
Rewards, sampling, contests, voting, content gating and distribution, utility marketing, and more


Measure impressions, posts, reach and the social impact of your campaigns

Go beyond just impressions to measure marketing conversion
Watch as your consumer frictionless rate increases as more members connect their social accounts to your program
View social identity data and export results via csv or integrate into your crm
Dynamic Reporting
Layer multiple data points and export to pdf for beautiful reports

Moderation Queue

Moderate UGC and campaign participation before automating messaging and conversion

Mod queue shows you the participation based on trigger
Easily approve or reject conversations for rewards and responses
View user generated content based on trigger
Maintain complete control over who and what you incentivize or message back

Reply Rewards

Reward any consumer with one reply on social and messaging channels

Look up users by social identity and see their past history
Access your library of rewards and have the option to reward differently based on user criteria
Instant Rewards
Select reward and save it for non-members to claim, or instantly reward existing customers with variable rewards
Maintain complete control over who and what you incentivize or message back