A White Label Platform for Conversational Conversion and Social Media Loyalty

True end to end social media marketing automation. We pick up where social listening platforms leave off.

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Social Triggers: Hashtags, Photos, Links, Sharing, Follows
Conversations: Chat bot and DM conversations
Topics: Keywords, events, topics
Sentiment: Brand advocacy

Rules Engine

Geo-fencing: Confine participation to store, city, state level
Frequency: Review and approve or automate conversion
Influence: Limit participation to certain tiers or influence
Moderation: Review and approve or automate conversion


Language: Automatically respond to users in their native language
Smart: Responses varied based on user & campaign criteria
Members: Instantly receive email with reward or content
Non-Members: Instantly receive a social or chat bot response


Members: Instantly convert “in-stream”
Non-Members: Receive link to mobile registration
Social Login: Collect social data during registration
White Label: Registration and responses are white labelled to your brand

Data + Analytics

Social: Tie Social ID to existing member data
Campaigns: Impressions, reach, conversion and engagement
Data: Export data in real-time or download via CSV
Dashboard: View user and campaigns stats inside your dashboard


CRM: Push member and social data into existing CRM
Points: Debit and credit points inside existing engines
Email: Automate emails from your own domain
Registration: Enable consumers to opt-in from your properties