A simple solution to seamlessly connect in-stream social media transactions to your back office fulfillment and crm tools.

To help enterprise clients manage inventory in real-time as sales occur, we’ve created a Webhook that will automatically send out a text-based notification about a sale to a pre-specified web address on your server. This feature will be helpful in a variety of sales or fundraiser scenarios and enables you to update fulfillment, inventory and other databases on the fly. Communication from the Webhook is encrypted and sent directly to your web server.

The real-time webhook data package includes information about the seller, the buyer, and the particular transaction. We include seller information because clients using our umbrella accounts may have to keep track of sales from multiple channels. The Webhook message comes packaged as JSON.

To enable this feature you only have to do two things:

  1. Create a public-facing POST listener that can consume the realtime updates. Data will come from Chirpify in the form of a JSON message.
  2. Provide Chirpify with the URL of the POST listener. The Realtime Webhook supports both http and https, but Chirpify suggests your POST listener runs on https.

Thanks, and as usual, let us know what other features you want from Chirpify.