Restaurants Extend Loyalty Programs to Social Media

Are you reconsidering your loyalty program – how it is delivered and how it meets evolving customer expectations?  We work closely with restaurant brands like Bahama Breeze (get the case study here) who are looking for ways to develop deeper customer relationships that influence purchase decisions based on a holistic customer view.
As perceived loyalty program value declines, the ability to surprise and delight customers, creating a foundation for a long-term relationship grows in importance.  Chirpify can help build upon your current loyalty program by:
  • Grow customer life-time value by creating a valued emotional connection between consumers and your brand
  • Driving greater store traffic and new customer acquisition by utilizing social media as the remote to earn rewards
  • Increasing consumer spend and earned media by communicating with consumers when, where and how each person wants to be reached – and rewarded for their brand interaction and loyalty.

How It Works:

A restaurant has data on consumer “Jen” who has opted in her social ID and email through a promotion or loyalty program CTA. When Jen visits the restaurant down the line, she naturally checks in from her mobile phone. Chirpify allows the brand to listen & recognize that Jen checked in and automatically send her a personalized (mobile) email, thanking her for visiting the shop and rewarding her with 10% off her meal. When you marry instant rewards with instant redemption, everyone wins.

Why It’s Important:

  • 46 percent people under the age of 50 want personalized offers for in-store purchases on their mobile phones, resulting in an urgency to make deals specific to the store as well as urgency.” Source

  • “57 percent of people who receive targeted and relevant rewards via mobile in the form of discounts and special offers will redeem them on the spot. Source

  • 85 percent of us say that mobile devices are an essential part of our everyday lives, businesses would be missing a profitable trick if they didn’t consider mobile as key to customer loyalty. Source

Restaurants like Bahamas Breeze and Seasons 52 use our platform to increase brand loyalty & restaurant traffic by enabling consumers to use social and mobile as a frictionless platform to earn rewards– and now it’s your turn.
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