At Chirpify we engage with a wide variety of organizations across retail, hospitality, banking and more. And, one of the most frequent questions we field when discussing the power of engagement loyalty is around quantifying its impact — not in terms of vanity metrics such as Likes, but to the loyalty program as a whole, and even more broadly to the business.

Now one of our customers has answered that question for us with a recent ROI study. We have wrapped all the results into a white paper for you outlining how the Chirpify platform for engagement loyalty has positively impacted:

  1. Social Media Engagement
  2. Customer Loyalty
  3. Customer Spending

The study compares the brand’s socially connected loyalty members, (defined as members of its loyalty program who have connected their social handle(s) to their loyalty member account,) to members of its loyalty program that have not connected their accounts. The results are impressive and illustrate the power of engagement loyalty in boosting participation, engagement and ultimately spending with the brand.

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