Sending the right message and reward, at the right time, on the right channel. This is the mantra that has guided our product roadmap, and the functionality we’ve enabled for brands.

When these things come together, consumers are absolutely delighted. Let’s break down how we do this. It all comes down to data.

Sending the right message

Chirpify enables brands to send messages over email, social comment, or private direct message across multiple social media and messaging platforms. These messages can be sent automatically based on triggers and rules, or manually from a brand’s dashboard. The key is that these messages can be differentiated based on data owned by the brand and/or social data we know about a consumer. A good example of this is sending different messages to consumers based on whether or not they’re a member. Here’s an example of that…

Member – Instantly entered into contest

Non-member – Invited to join

The Right Reward

Just as messages can be differentiated based on data points, so can the rewards your brand sends out. Whether it is points, coupons, promo codes, content, contest entries, free tickets, or any other reward, the key is to make sure it is relevant to a members status, geography, influence, birthday, tastes, and other data points. These data points can live on social, inside the Chirpify CRM, or inside your brand’s CRM. Either way, Chirpify’s platform is built to leverage them, sending the right reward. Here’s an example of that. Marriott is able to send different points totals, images, and copy to different members based on anniversary, tier,
and status. What’s more is this happens automatically, without the brand having to do any work. The platform just runs.
It just works.



At The Right Time

I think it’s safe to say consumers have zero patience. The expectation on social is to receive responses immediately. Not in a couple of hours. There is no delay. On mobile this is an amazing experience. Your brand IM’ng on a 1:1 basis with thousands of people simultaneously at scale.

Over The Right Channel

It’s impossible to understate the importance of being able to message consumers on the same channels that they’re taking action on. If your marketing automation does not include social and messaging channels you’re ignoring consumers on the channels they literally spend all of their online time on.

Leveraging This Data Inside Your Dashboard

The data points that enable differentiated marketing automation is also available in your Chirpify dashboard and CRM, so you can filter and segment users based on these data points.