Silver Diner Launches Engagement Rewards Program With Chirpify


We’re excited to team up with Silver Diner, an American restaurant with 14 locations in Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey, to bring its “Eat Well, Do Well Rewards Club” to social media. Our platform is moving the program beyond just rewarding for spend to recognizing and rewarding members for their participation and engagement in social media.

Silver Diner has developed award-winning fresh and local menus to address today’s lifestyles. To stay relevant and participating in our customers’ lifestyle, we know we need to engage our diners between meals on social media. With Chirpify, Silver Diner gains new customers and valuable customer data, and diners accrue rewards for dollars off their next visit. This virtuous cycle of rewards, earned media, new customer acquisition, and customer-driven data underscores our philosophy of “Eat Well, Do Well”.

Joe Howell, Senior Marketing Manager, Silver Diner

In addition to its nostalgic tabletop jukeboxes, comfortable booths, and classic American food with a healthy twist, warm and friendly people are at the heart of Silver Diner. True to this warm and friendly reputation, Silver Diner has a history of giving back to both the community and its customers through a traditional rewards program. For example, schools earn a percentage back from linked customer sales, and customers earn points towards dollars that are redeemable on future visits to the restaurant. Now Silver Diner wants to make it even easier for customers to earn rewards.

For every eligible social action on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, Silver Diner customers are rewarded with points. Customers can earn up to five points each month, which translates into $5 off the member’s next visit. Our platform listens for specific social actions, as defined by Silver Diner, and applies rules from its rules engine, automatically sending a response to the customer behind the social action.


In addition to fueling listening, rules and responses, our solution is integrated with Paytronix, which tracks members’ earned points and redeemed rewards in a digital wallet. This means that when a customer checks their loyalty account, the social media points are visible and accounted for.

To fuel more participation, Silver Diner also integrated our offsite social registration into their mobile app, so members can instantly connect their social accounts to begin earning rewards.

As current customers share their experiences, new customers are garnered, and the business’s top line is positively impacted. The positive cycle of customer engagement, conversion, loyalty and new customer acquisition is proven to drive positive ROI. The bonus for companies actively engaging their customers? Rich customer data that can be used for future promotions and campaigns to repeat the cycle.

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