Social listening is often hailed as the first step in a healthy social media marketing program and it makes good sense. Before you dive in and start setting goals, planning campaigns, or having conversations, it’s important to know what is being said about your brand, products and/or services. Yet, if knowing is half the battle, the other half is defined by the actions you drive with it. And, this is where Chirpify comes in.

The Bridge Between Listening & Action

Chirpify bridges social listening platforms like Hootsuite, Spredfast or Sprinklr, and CRM systems like the Salesforce cloud or Epsilon with Loyalty Engagement. Fueled by conversion, Chirpify connects the dots between social media, messaging, commerce and CRM. Let me explain.

At Chirpify, we enable brands to identify and automatically take action based on specific social media and messaging triggers. For example, if adidas were launching a new shoe and wanted to take action based on its listening around that new product, adidas would be able to automatically reply to social media and messaging posts with those specific new product words, sentiments, pictures and/or other predefined social media triggers. Moreover, Chirpify helps fuel the cycle of engagement by allowing consumers to respond to brand-created triggers that may start life as a call to action in other marketing channels, such as email, TV, or a billboard ad.

From here, Chirpify converts consumer engagement. And we do it at scale. This means that we take consumer participation and convert it into meaningful data for your business by moving social media or messaging platform engagement and converting it into a real person in your CRM database. Chirpify offers integrations into leading CRM solutions, Loyalty databases and eCommerce systems to close the loop and tie those acquired customer social identities to customer records. With this data in hand, we can effectively measure your campaign and program engagement and success.

Creating Meaning for Brands & Customers

Chirpify creates a value exchange that is beneficial to both consumer and brand by marrying engagement and loyalty into its Engagement Loyalty platform. We do this by:

  • Taking advantage of the direct follower model of social media platforms themselves, which is ideal for loyalty. Indeed, existing social media and messaging followers are the best place to start activating and converting customers at scale.
  • Sending an email campaign with embedded call to action triggers to existing loyalty program members, encouraging them to engage and convert by linking their social IDs with their loyalty program account.
  • Leveraging omni-channel CTA’s that instruct members, and non-members alike, to set off social actions for marketing conversion. Non-members receive auto-responses to join, while members convert instantly.
  • Once these two groups of people are seeded in the program, they form a loyal base of advocates that serve to bring more people into the program. They spread earned media as they share, driving new customer acquisition, engagement, conversion and ongoing advocacy.

Chirpify also benefits consumers and encourages loyalty by rewarding them for their engagement and conversion activities. Rewards can vary greatly–from points to exclusive deals and content–but should above all be seen as valuable by customers and a fair exchange for their brand advocacy and participation. Treat social media and messaging as a loyalty platform, not just an ad platform and your loyal customers will bring their friends, creating a virtuous cycle that fuels customer loyalty, customer spend and business ROI.

Whether you have an existing customer loyalty program that you want to modernize or you are looking for a new, lightweight way to engage more deeply with fans, Chirpify can help. We are expert at driving ROI from engagement loyalty and would be happy to assess how we can help unify conversion and the consumer experience for your brand.