Social Media, Advertising and The Attribution Solution

For years businesses have been advertising on Social Media, posting links to traditional e-commerce landing pages, and hoping people leave the conversation, traverse a laborious checkout process, and eventually buy. We’ve already discussed how conversion percentage suffers as a result of attention redirection and friction. However, the other elephant in the advertising room is social attribution: There is none.

The Chasm

Not only do consumers, and conversions, drop off when trying to traverse attention redirection, but sales data does not cross the chasm that exists between the social media platform and the e-commerce platform. Twitter and other Social Platforms aren’t downstream, and have no insight into what happens there. E-commerce platforms are downstream but are disconnected up, and feed on the dumb data that trickles down. The result is the marketers dilemma: A brand marketer can tell you how much traffic they’re getting from specific social media post, but this data is valueless. What they can’t tell you is which Twitter account purchased which product. Facebook has made a push rolling out both a self-serve user ID matching system and cookie-dropping ads. However, these tags don’t track purchases that were made by fans, or inspired by owned (page posts) or earned (word of mouth) media on Facebook. Also, they require additional work and connections just to get to the dumb data. Instagram, well… there are no links in Instagram. But, who needs links when a single comment “buy” makes a payment? Other services that enable you to post short links to quick checkouts improve user experience, but short links are useless for attribution, as well as a blunt tool on conversion.

Attribution Solution

With Chirpify there is no chasm. The social platform IS the e-commerce platform. Thus, sales data is as baked in as the payment. With Chirpify, not only does marketing convert instantly in-stream, but as a brand manager you can report with accuracy conversion percentage, and enjoy full attribution: Social identity tied to sales and future purchase intent. Further, since we enable in-stream commerce and payments on the top three social media platforms, the data is social media platform agnostic.

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