Social Media Listening is Table Stakes


Social Media Marketing is growing up, and soon it will die, reborn as loyalty. But before this resurrection occurs, brands need to evolve beyond just listening. Most brands have invested heavily in monitoring platforms like Hootsuite, SpredFast and Sprinklr. Great software that enables brands to monitor and respond to conversations. Perhaps you’ve heard that Oreo had a “moment” when the lights went out? Just kidding, nobody can unhear that at this point. Well, the moment was possible because they listened. While the industry celebrated it as a huge success and the validation of social marketing, it was actually yawnworthy in terms of business outcomes. Actually, it’s impossible to even measure the business outcome of a moment such as that because it’s not connected to conversion, sales data, or other business systems. Finally, it was an Oreo moment, not a consumer moment, guys.

Listening is the minimum you should be doing. The successful companies will be the ones that connect listening to conversion, sales and crm. To do this effectively, it must be done at scale, unified across social and internal business platforms. To do this at scale you need automation and software. Sorry, army of social minions replying to people with happy haikus and stuffing names in spreadsheets. Since one-off social campaigns, social advertising, and promotions are dying as well, you need to fold these efforts under a long term umbrella program that has actual meaning for your business and the consumers that partake.

Here’s a short list brands need do before everything dies

Reward your best consumers, not just spend all day in spray and pray mode trying to acquire new ones. Your happy loyal customers will bring their friends. There’s your customer acquisition strategy. tweet
Connect offline to social for remote conversion, not just participation. tweet
Reward brand advocacy and participation. Treat social as a loyalty platform, not just an ad platform. tweet
Start thinking about engagement as the beginning, instead of the end goal. tweet
Give consumers an omni-channel remote control and to provide utility. More and more your brand is being measured on just how much utility you provide. tweet
Connect the dots between social media, native apps, commerce and crm. tweet
Unify conversion across social platforms, not silo with one. It needs to be unified for consumer experience and your business processes. tweet
Stop talking about moments, and start talking about meaning. tweet