Last year during the Super Bowl brands used Chirpify to drive 58 billion impressions. That’s 58 billion, with a B. This year, brands like Avocados From Mexico ran super bowl campaigns that exceeded their performance from last year, and not just in terms of impressions. First, let’s talk about what they did.

Avocados From Mexico Super Bowl Campaign

Once again Avocados From Mexico used Chirpify for social media marketing automation, to listen, respond and reward people talking about specific topics and keywords. The integrated campaign was part of the larger campaign to support their Super Bowl commercial.

Consumers on social media who mentioned certain topics were sent different comments and content, or entered into sweeps, based on the rules implemented within Chirpify’s marketing automation platform. Our social media marketing automation engine is smart enough to send different responses and different content based on campaign and user criteria such as time, follower count, influence, language, and more.

The Results

Impressions and Buzz

According to Listen First Media, the brand was #1 in generating the most social exposure and buzz, driving 2.5 Billion impressions. This is quite an impressive accomplishment for a small brand that beat out both Pepsi and Doritos.

Beyond Impressions – Purchase Consideration

According to YouGov, Avos also ranked #1 in increase in consumer purchase consideration, or how open consumers are to buying, subscribing, or viewing a particular product or service. The number of people considering purchasing from the brand rose from 15% to 27.1%!


According to Alvaro Luque, President & CEO at Avocados From Mexico, “We were the number one in online conversation based on ListenFirst and second place in the digital Super Bowl ranking based on Merkle. We are the only brand in the top two positions for five years in a row.”