A better experience

Chirpify enables social and community managers to instantly reward consumers across social channels with a single post. Whether you are looking to reward brand positive comments, or quickly address negative ones, Chirpify’s platform makes it easy to respond to consumers with a variety of predetermined rewards. No more time wasted going back and forth. Rewards are delivered with a single social post and saved exclusively for that consumer.

Use Reply Rewards to…

Instantly reward brand advocacy

Community leaders and social marketers use Chirpify to instantly reward consumers who spread brand advocacy. Rewarding is as simple as replying to a consumer on any channel.

Instantly appease customer service issues

Customer service managers use Chirpify to instantly appease consumers who may have taken issue with your brand. Appeasing is as simple as replying to a consumer on any channel.

In order to drive…

Member Acquisition

Friends and followers see when a member participates.

Experience & Data

Modern form of consumer engagement. Social identity tied to CRM data.

Business Results

Increase participation by opening a new channel, and finally quantify social media efforts

How it works


Define the copy and rewards to deliver to consumers.

Points/Miles, Promotions, Discounts, Upgrades, Samples, Contests etc.
Email copy and template design
Landing Page
Where first time customers opt in to receive their reward. Repeat customers are rewarded instantly with one reply.


Listen for brand advocacy and customer service issues.

Use existing listening tools, or define triggers in our system.

Loving @Brand right now!

Frustrated with @Brand right now!


Lookup user profiles, identify advocates, and deliver the right reward.

Reward – Free drink
Reward – 50 Points
Reward – Upgrade

Brands can add as many responses and rewards as they’d like.


Measure and export conversion and customer profile data.

Social Identity
Connect customer social identities to your CRM and loyalty program systems
Data Export
Download CSV files for re-marketing
Measure conversion across social platforms.