Brands Leverage Chirpify For #SXSW

Avos from Mexico #GuacNRoll Frictionless contesting – smart rules based recipe delivery Coming off of a strong SuperBowl campaign in which its efforts were lauded among the best of show, Avos from Mexico has teamed up again with Chirpify to activate social as a mechanism for converting consumers. Bringing to the table (pun intended) just [...]

Brands Leverage Chirpify For #SXSW2016-03-21T18:37:39+00:00

Brands Focus on Digital for #BackToSchool

One of the biggest shopping “holidays” every year is back to school shopping. With hundreds of thousands of families flooding into stores and browse online, this gives major retail players the opportunity to significantly boost sales. This year, these brands took to social media to help leverage and generate buzz towards their individual back to [...]

Brands Focus on Digital for #BackToSchool2014-09-12T16:24:00+00:00

3 Ways CPG Brands Acquire Customers via Social Media

How brands focus on digital channels is forever evolving. Especially in social media where brands have grown from listening and joining conversations around their products to engaging their new audiences with content. Now that brands have determined the best ways to engage users, some are looking at the way social and digital channels lead to [...]

3 Ways CPG Brands Acquire Customers via Social Media2014-06-18T18:31:27+00:00