Measure Traditional Media ROI Using Social Media

Welcome to Chirpify’s three part series covering Cross-Channel Marketing, and more specifically how brands are using social media as the point of conversion for all marketing efforts. We’ve learned a lot with our great clients and want to share some of our findings with you. During a typical day, people see thousands of advertisements- whether [...]

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3 Ways CPG Brands Acquire Customers via Social Media

How brands focus on digital channels is forever evolving. Especially in social media where brands have grown from listening and joining conversations around their products to engaging their new audiences with content. Now that brands have determined the best ways to engage users, some are looking at the way social and digital channels lead to [...]

3 Ways CPG Brands Acquire Customers via Social Media2014-06-18T18:31:27+00:00

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Brands have invested significantly in their social content and audience development – and many are now looking to drive meaningful new customer acquisition and conversion via social as well.At Chirpify, we have been fortunate to work with innovative brands as they explore these new social conversion opportunities such as:•Activating #hashtags for instant participation & purchase•Acquiring [...]

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