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Brands Focus on Digital for #BackToSchool


One of the biggest shopping “holidays” every year is back to school shopping. With hundreds of thousands of families flooding into stores and browse online, this gives major retail players the opportunity to significantly boost sales. This year, these brands took to social media to help leverage and generate buzz towards their individual back to school shopping sales. With retail brands such as Walmart, Kohls, Macys and various others launching campaigns at the same time, one of them must have emerged as the “winner” of the shopping season. 

Determining the criteria for the winner is where the debate begins.

In an article published on Social Times, they offered various different analytics to determine the rank and success of each retail brand during the back to school shopping season. These major analytics included brand mentions, response rates, and posts with the highest engagements. It stopped at engagement. All of these retail brand’s campaigns generated a combined 963,542 mentions and yet, there is no indication of how many of those led to direct conversion or revenue. The highest engaged post by a long shot was a post by JCPenney and was consequently a post regarding a 25% discount on online— with a combined 24,233 engagements.


Do we know how many of those users actually capitalized that deal? With such a focus on digital, is anyone paying attention to the bottom line?

Chirpify’s platform provides brands with the tool to assess this area. While engagement will always be important, conversion rate is even more essential as it reveals how many consumers (plus a detailed profile of these consumers) are actually capitalizing on the post. As with the example of the highest engaged post, Chirpify’s platform would have allowed JC Penney to asses and capitalize on the 25,000+ of consumer’s engaging & actually using the promo code.

Although many brands are focusing heavily on social and mobile for #BackToSchool campaigns and are willing to spend more digital ad dollars, they will have to become more accountable with return. With no valuable data on ROI or conversion, it is difficult to crown any retail brand the true social media champion.

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Upcoming Holidays CPG Brands Should be Planning For


Consumer Goods brands have the ability to connect to their audiences in a way that other brand categories can’t. Social media in particular has been a great channel for CPG brands to engage and have direct dialogue with current and potential consumers at any given moment.  It’s an easy channel to promote the latest products, provide exclusive offers and have direct dialogue with users who engage with your branded content.

Many CPG brands look to digital channels for awareness that may lead to a word-of-mouth purchase. Social has played a huge role for brands as a place for consumers to review or recommend products. However, there are some companies that have been diving a bit deeper— finding ways to convert social followers into paying customers. Summer months are often an easy time to relax and regroup- but here are several holidays CPG brands should be planning for now so they can get the most out of their digital and social efforts. By focusing less on engagement and more on converting customers who are talking about products, brands will be set up for success when summer is over.

Back To School

Back to School doesn’t just mean clothes shopping. Brands across categories including technology, food & beverage as well as household items are in their prime when the kids are headed back to school. According to recent data, people are getting ready to shop for Back To School almost 4 months early this year. With young adults and moms looking for the next best deal and ways to save money, brands should be thinking about how to get coupons, specials and deals in the hands of the consumers asking for them.


There isn’t a more important holiday for candy brands than Halloween. The most important thing candy (maybe even toothbrush) companies should be thinking about is amplifying their message above others, while staying top of mind of the consumer who is rushing to the store to pick up the sweets.  According to the NRF, average spending on Halloween has increased 54.7 percent since 2005, with total spending estimated at $6.9 billion in 2013.

There are many ways to get creative on social & grab attention but running a promotion using Actiontags or giving your consumers a call-to-action enables your brand message to come from the consumer instead of straight from you. Having insight into what your consumer wants by giving them a choice to ask for it allows you to analyze and adjust your social strategy overall.


(or any other occasions where you have to cook a meal & prep the house for extended family members)

Between October and December there are handfuls of events and holidays that require people to get to the store for house, travel and meal prep. These times are extremely important and present unique opportunities for CPG brands to get in front of their audience. Direct e-commerce strategies should no longer be ignored by the CPG giants. More and more consumers are getting comfortable making easy one-click purchases using their mobile devices.

“Currently only 2% of all CPG sales occur via e-commerce – but this trend is beginning to build momentum, with 33% of consumers reporting that they buy grocery products online”

By allowing your potential customers to ask, opt-in and receive access to the best deals, new products and recipes at a moments notice is crucial for continuing them down the purchase funnel. Brands should be thinking about the last quarter of the year right now and planning ways to get their best products in the hands of their best customers.

Sometimes this looks like social rewards or VIP programs, and sometimes, if at scale, the brand should automate it’s messaging to users who are asking from something in return for the brand. The clock is ticking as households are already thinking about back to school, in some places, next month. Get to work!

3 Ways CPG Brands Acquire Customers via Social Media

How brands focus on digital channels is forever evolving. Especially in social media where brands have grown from listening and joining conversations around their products to engaging their new audiences with content. Now that brands have determined the best ways to engage users, some are looking at the way social and digital channels lead to acquiring paying customers and contributing to their businesses bottom line.


In order to use social media to bridge the gap between social consumers and paying customers, there are three questions the brand needs to ask themselves:

  • ROI Focus:
    Do you want to drive direct commerce? Collect customer profile info for CRM?
  • Activation Points:
    Do you want to run a social only campaign or create cross channel opportunities?
  • Incentives:
    What do you have for the consumer who participates with your brand? Exclusive access? Prizes? Coupons?

Once you have answered those questions, your brand is ready to use social to acquire customers and create a way to use social and mobile as the bridge between advertising and commerce. Here is how some brands are doing it:

Run Sweepstakes

Run a sweepstakes or giveaway directly through social using Actiontags which allows for amplification, instant auto-response and data collection. Although many brands already run social sweepstakes, they are missing the value of consumer data of those who participate and the ability to respond to everyone, not just the winner. Creating a social specific CRM pool helps greatly with retargeting.


Consumer VIP Programs

Give access to your most engaged users while learning about the products they are interested in based on intent and conversions. By giving consumers an easy “yes” button from their mobile phone through social without landing pages or tedious sign up forms, more people will engage and ultimately purchase.


Sample Products

Place products in the hand of consumers who have shown interest or participated with the brand messaging. OREO launched a cross-channel product sampling campaign by featuring an Actiontag in a prime-time TV commercial. It offered customers first access to a new product flavor by adding the hashtag #SendMeOreo at the end of the TV spot.  By activating a TV commercial within social media using an #actiontag, Oreo was able to bridge their traditional media with social while collecting data from users who already showed interest in their products. 


Brands are beginning to think about the relationship between social and CRM and are testing ways to convert consumers within social and mobile. These brands have a hand up on creating intelligent and social consumer databases that can lead to direct revenue and a profitable lifetime value. CPG Companies like Mondelez are putting their media budgets in digital channels as they connect their engaged social media consumers with their growing CMS house-files.  Adweek reports that “[Mondelez] a $35 Billion Company Will Spend 50% of Ad Dollars on Digital.

Seeing successes from digital initiatives that lead to new customers (who are willing to give information in exchange for a product or service) allows brands to build databases of consumers who want to hear from them. By reaching consumers through their mobile devices within apps that they are most familiar, brands are realizing the value social media conversion can have on their business.