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Announcing Chirpify Social Loyalty CRM

“Know your audience.” It’s a simple and obvious mantra for any successful business. What’s not so simple and obvious is exactly how to go about getting to know your customers, connecting their identities in social media and messaging to existing customer records. Even further, if that data is obtained, most brands don’t know what to do with it. Full Press Release Request a Dashboard Demo

Today we’re excited to announce the ability to link personal social media and chat IDs with loyalty program and CRM databases, as well as a new CRM dashboard, enabling loyalty and social media marketers to segment members, view consumer engagement history, and instantly respond to consumers with content and rewards. With this connection, once obscure and anonymous social people become meaningful, identifiable customers that can be understood individually and in aggregate. Marketers can now discreetly mine customer information across social media and messaging to improve future marketing campaigns and calculate ROI.


Here’s a quick list of some of what it enables brands to do…

  • Connect social identity to existing customer records seamlessly
  • Aggregate all consumer posts (members and non-members alike) across all campaigns and social channels based on listening triggers you specify
  • Segment and view posts by multiple criteria
  • See all consumer profiles (members and non-members alike)
  • Segment and view users by multiple criteria
  • View consumer engagement and campaign history
  • Instantly reward consumers selecting different rewards from rewards library
  • Instantly message consumers back over same social channel they posted on
  • Create a message library for easy selection
  • View campaign analytics in real-time or over time
  • View consumer and posts while selecting multiple campaigns

Connecting the Data

Brands are connecting social media and chat identity to their existing customer records, and they’re doing it natively, without complex click tracking or convoluted customer experiences. They’re doing it by incentivizing their customers to connect their social media accounts as part of their loyalty program or marketing campaign. When this connection is made, the consumer obtains a remote control for marketing conversion and rewards, and the brand is able to listen, respond, and engage the consumer across multiple channels, all while gathering valuable CRM data. Through our social loyalty CRM all of your member’s engagement posts are aggregated, and their engagement history is viewable right in the dashboard. Furthermore, the entire platform is integrated with your existing CRM and Loyalty databases, so pushing and pulling data between the two is seamless.

Chirpify mobile app and crm integration for Silver Diner

The engine that powers the Chirpify platform allows you to link social IDs to your rewards/loyalty database and to your CRM software. Once obscure and anonymous social people are now meaningful, identifiable customers that can be understood individually and in aggregate, and responded to automatically or with moderation.

The new Chirpify dashboard provides easier, quicker access to unique data already available within our engagement loyalty platform, as well as your own loyalty and crm databases. The dashboard gives brands an easy way to segment audiences based on campaign, user, geolocation, influence, photos, posts, and more. Once segmented, marketers can choose who to engage, and what to engage them with, whether it’s a contest entry, points delivery, utility response, or other marketing outcomes. In other words, we not only supply you with the data, we give you the tools to do something meaningful with it.

Reporting & ROI

Taking data analysis to the next level, the data collected can then be used to determine ROI. In fact, several Chirpify customers have already used this data to determine that their socially connected loyalty members spend significantly more than those that are not connected via the Chirpify platform. One retailer told us that they learned from data analytics that connected members buy twice as frequently as non-connected members. And, a hotelier told us, “With analysis we have found that connected members, in a given year, spent 75% more than the average member. They also had 2X more purchases than the average member in the same time period.” View independ

Independent ROI Studies

Independent ROI studies conducted by our enterprise retail and hotel customers found that their socially connected loyalty members (connected via Chirpify) had the following data points vs non-connected members. To find out more, download the ROI study.


Have a higher NPS score (79% vs 73%)

Have a higher trust in the brand (65% vs 60%)

Spend more with the brand (35% vs 22%)

Mark the brand as #1 in preference vs competitors (62% vs 57%)


Spend 75% more

2X more bookings in the same time period

You can slice and dice demographic and social data to see who is buying what in response to which campaign. More importantly, you can proactively address the buying preferences and concerns of your current and future customers.

This information is also available for download in CSV format for custom analysis and what-if scenarios. Of course, the Chirpify services team is always available to assist with report creation, making sure you are focusing on data pertinent to your business.

Take control of your customer data and make a positive impact on your business. Contact us today.

3 Ways Brands Can Facilitate Social Loyalty

In our last blog post, we discussed how ongoing social media efforts are driving loyalty and lifetime customer value. Picking up that thread, today we’ll share three concrete ways brands & agencies can help facilitate Social Loyalty. 


Your social media followers and fans are likely to include happy, loyal customers. If you have not already done so, do the work to identify and group these consumers. You can do so by socializing an existing email list of these customers, encouraging them to take a specific social action which will help you connect the dots between their information in your CRM and their social handle.


Determine a social currency, or value around the actions a consumer takes, specifically on social, that mention your brand. Whether they are talking directly to you, to their audience or recommending something to a friend, already be prepared to surprise and delight someone for their action.

For Example

A sporting goods store has information on consumer “Jen” who has opted in her social ID and email, and has frequently purchased dresses. When Jen visits a storefront down the line, she checks in. The brand is able to listen for that check-in action and piece it together with her consumer data that has been stored. New tools can allow the system to recognize that it was Jen who checked in and automatically send her a personalized (mobile) email, thanking her for visiting the shop and rewarding her with 10% off the spring collection.



Create a virtuous cycle!  Using the information you gain at a macro and micro level, continue to fine-tune your reward offerings in ways that continue to surprise and delight customers. With the ability to gain deeper access to what consumers say and do, social has the opportunity to be a key data input to new loyalty strategies which can drive ongoing personalization—which itself has been proven to increase lifetime customer value.

Social Media Reward & Loyalty Ideas

  • Discounts and Coupons (send directly to consumer via email to reward social action)
  • Geo location rewards (visiting store front, event venue)
  • VIP Access (Exclusive access to content, events, access to new products before general public, etc.) 
  • Early Access entries into sweepstakes (redeem points for a chance to win a bigger prize which can be as small as a monthly $100 prize or something larger)
  • Experiential rewards (Meet and greets, backstage passes to events, upgraded seats)

Reach out to Jessica@Chirpify.com to see how your brand can get started!