Our Take: Facebook Expands Messenger Platform

At last year’s F8 Facebook Developer Conference, Facebook opened its API to developers for building bots on its Messenger Platform. Since we've been building chatbots since 2011, we were quite excited at the time by the potential this news provided, believing that the familiar interface of social media messaging is the right channel for real-time [...]

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Facebook Messenger Bots and Your Marketing Roadmap

5 Key Considerations for Marketing Bot Success According to stats shared by Facebook at its annual F8 conference, more than 60 billion messages are sent per day through its two chat products, WhatsApp and Messenger. That's three times the number of traditional SMS text messages sent per day. Couple that with the facts that Messenger [...]

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Social Commerce & the Twitter Buy Button

Today Twitter announced a ‘Buy Button’ as a new feature to its service. As Bloomberg News put it, “For Twitter, a tweet will soon be more than a form of communication or an ad — it will be an invitation to buy.”  The new buy button is enabled by Twitter Cards which have up to now been used [...]

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4 Ways to Benefit from Combining Facebook Brand & Direct Marketing

Many marketers think of Facebook marketing as a brand activity – not one that can drive conversion directly. However, it doesn’t have to be an either-or proposition. By combining brand marketing and direct marketing actions, social media marketers can drive both amplification and conversion. Companies are growing their social media budgets and with more money comes increased expectations [...]

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Direct Dialogue on Social Media: Celebrities & Fans

Many years ago, the closest connection fans could get to a celebrity or sports star was by simply watching them on TV or going to a venue to see them in person. Social media introduced a new connectivity to these influencers by allowing fans to follow them and receive, for the most part, original content [...]

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Why Facebook & Twitter are Entering the World of Online Commerce

Consumers today value simplicity and convenience. Social media has significantly contributed to this by simplifying information to as little as 140 characters and allowing users to filter what information they receive, whenever they want. Social has also created a more interactive platform for consumers. It is norm for users to share, retweet, comment, like, as [...]

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In-Stream Facebook Commerce Is Here

Twitter, Instagram, and now In-stream Facebook Commerce Along with Twitter & Instagram, our brands, merchants, record labels and individual members have asked us for Facebook integration. The Chirp abides. We we’ve added Facebook commerce to our in-stream transaction capabilities. New Members Selling In-Stream We’re not the only ones excited about this. We’d like to welcome [...]

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121212-The Concert For Sandy Relief

 We’re very excited to be a part of a huge fundraiser for such a great cause. The 121212 Concert benefits the victims of Hurricane Sandy. This event features amazing musical artists such as Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Dave Grohl, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, Chris Martin, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, [...]

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