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Chirpify & Lenovo Run Activated Sweepstakes

Tampa Bay Bolts Run Social Playoff Giveaway


Tampa Bay Lightning faced the Montreal Canadiens in the 2014 NHL playoffs. The organization turned to their Twitter following to create buzz around the games & events while also engaging and learning about their fans.

The Promotion

The campaign consisted of two posts over a 2 day period. The brand instructed followers to RT for a chance to win either tickets to a game or a signed jersey.

The Results


@TBLightning post engagement during Chirpify campaign (via Keyhole)

  • 1,133,727 impressions created
  • 785,119 Twitter accounts reached
  • 83% engaged via mobile devices

Chirpify turned the campaign engagement into into valuable data acquisition. Over 3,500 emails and social handles were collected with only two posts that Tampa Bay can use to target consumers in future promoted Tweet campaigns or in social CRM. The posts that included #actiontags exceeded engagement rates by 5X normal post rates. 

We are also sad to report Tampa Bay did not go on to win the series…until next year!

Chirpify Helps Debut adidas Carmouflage Cleats

Football, sneakerhead and music fans rejoiced as adidas revealed their new #Carmouflage 5-star cleats and sleeves as part of an ultimate game day giveaway.


The adidas cleats were debuted on field to Aggie fans and on TV to college football fanatics as Texas A&M took on the Missouri Tigers last Saturday.

adidas worked with Chirpify to run two simultaneous “Tweet to Win” posts on Twitter during the game, allowing fans and followers a chance to win the exclusive apparel. adidas revealed the gear using photos and a Vine video so fans were quick to participate with a simple RT.

The adidas Carmouflage social content quickly spread when hip-hop artist and sneaker aficionado Riff Raff shared the post to his fans via Facebook and Twitter, amplifying the buzz around the giveaway. 

The campaign saw huge success with thousands of accounts reached resulting in millions of branded impressions. Interested in learning more about it? Check it out for yourself:

TaylorMade Golf Case Study


The Promotion:

TaylorMade Golf launched their new Project (a) Golf Ball at the AT&T National Pro-Am at Pebble Beach. To expand the excitement around the new product TMaG ran a #Enter to win Chirpify campaign on Twitter, Facebook and through their email marketing, with the goal of giving away 20K sleeves of the new ball.

The Results:

  • Through Chirpify TMaG was able to give away all 10K sleeves within 2 days of the campaign launch, the same weekend of the Pro-Am.

  • There were 31,390 intents, all of which TMaG was able to capture data for specific golfers (type of handicap)

  • One tweet reached 1.19MM accounts and generated upwards of 1.42 MM estimated impressions.

  • Chirpify delivered over 7k direct responses to people to complete their entry.

TaylorMade Golf was able to use their email marketing list to engage people within social media. By putting a tweet intent in their email (“Tweet #Want #ProjectA on social to enter to win”) they took a private offer into the public sector. Because of the data collection, TMaG was able to get the balls in the hands of qualified consumers, likely to purchase the ball in the future. 

Stride Case Study


The Promotion:

Stride used Chirpify to leverage their current social following to create buzz surrounding their newest product, Sour Patch Stride Gum. Tweet “clues” were sent out daily to generate correct #actiontag answers- giving correct users the chance to win a free pack of the gum.


  • Sour Patch Stride was able to secure a 58% overall conversion with 991 total intents and 574 completed entries from all consumers who either tweeted the answer or RT’ed the brand.

  • The campaign delivered nearly 2.6 million impressions and reahed 1 million accounts.

  • Campaign posts received 10X the engagement as other branded sweepstakes social posts- with over 75% people engaged from their mobile devices.

By activating this campaign, Stride was able to amplify their marketing efforts for a new product launch as well as collect valuable data from engaged users- collecting up to 600 emails. Chirpify’s platform delivers a user-friend mobile experience designed to maximize engagement. 


Lenovo Case Study


Lenovo Campaign Summary:

Over four weeks, Lenovo ran an activated sweepstakes- #Enter to win a free Yoga Tablet! The brand posted on both Facebook and Twitter, giving people the chance to win a new product with one click.

Campaign Results:

  • 2984 entries and 4273 intents- a fantastic conversion rate of 70% (one of the higher conversion rates we’ve seen for a Chirpify

  • Increased Twitter followers by 267 during duration of campaign and increased Facebook followers by 583

  • 75% of traffic came from mobile


Because of #actiontag amplification, consumer interest remained throughout the four week campaign. Chirpify then turns engagement into valuable data acquisition for future marketing initiatives.