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TaylorMade Golf Activates Email Offer in Social

Brands who use actiontags in their email marketing are utilizing Chirpify as a way to socialize their email list— creating a bridge from email into social and driving valuable earned media impressions.

Chirpify’s partnership with TaylorMade Golf provided us with exciting new insights— by activating a sampling campaign within both social and email TaylorMade was able to distribute 10k new products to qualified consumers in under two days.

TaylorMade sent a promotional email to their subscribers telling them about the chance to receive free golf balls by tweeting #Enter #ProjectA, a campaign they were currently running on social. The result? We saw a huge spike in engagement on Twitter which was directly driven from the email blast. Users saw the call-to-action and were quick to participate on their social channels.


An active brand who uses actiontags in their media:

  • Allows marketing messages in an offline channel to be actionable for the consumer, no matter where they see your message
  • Gives the brand the ability to reach out to the qualified consumer and ask, “Would you like to try?” and then having the ability to fulfill those requests. 
  • Is able to understand the profiles of the consumers who engage, so that future initiatives can targeted to the right people
  • Can amplify public and direct messaging into social, reaching potential fans and consumers

TaylorMade Golf SpiderSi Case Study


TMaG Case Study

To promote the new Ghost Spider Si Putter TaylorMade Golf gave away 20 of the new putters via a social only sweepstakes. The campaign was promoted on Twitter and Facebook and coincided with the Shell Houston Open. 

Campaign Results:

  • In 5 days, they gathered 3,171 completed sweepstakes entries and generated 2.7 million earned media impressions.

  • The campaign helped the campaign hashtag (#SpiderSi) trend in the golf category. 
  • They saw over 6,200 visits to their campaign page and over 93% of all traffic was via mobile.

Chirpify Benefits:

By using Chirpify’s mobile campaign form, TMaG saw an incredibly high mobile traffic rate. This number is about 25% higher than the average social campaign. Without using any paid media dollars around a major event, by using #actiontags they were able to amplify their branded hashtag to become trending within the golfing community during the Shell Houston Open. 

TaylorMade Augusta Sweepstakes Case Study

TMaG Case Study

TaylorMade Golf put on a 4 day sweepstakes, giving away exclusive Master’s gear, as a way to say thanks to their fans for helping them be the #1DriverInGolf. There was a unique giveaway Thursday through Sunday, promoted solely and organically on Twitter.   

Campaign Results:

  • 4,202 sweepstake conversions with 8,786 unique intents (use of the branded hashtags in social).

  • No paid media and still the campaign was able to generate 4.45MM impressions and reach 2.6MM unique users.

  • Over 85% of the campaign traffic was via mobile and still contributed to a 48% conversion rate. 

Chirpify Benefits:

Event sweepstakes without media dollars attached will experience natural engagement attrition as followers begin to see the messaging several times.  However, they appear to be a very cost effective and agile way to acquire CRM data, enabling TMaG to market in real time. Not only were they able to run a successful sweepstakes but they were able to collect data of users who are interested in their merchandise for future promotions. 

LPGA Grow Girls Golf Case Study


LPGA Case Study

The Founder’s Cup is an annual tournament that raises funds for Girls Golf Foundation. The LPGA layered on a Chirpify campaign to the typical donation methods as a way to add social giving to the list of ways people could donate to the cause. By simply posting the hashtags #Donate #GrowGirlsGolf or retweeting the brand or influencers, they would immediately get a response back with a link to complete their donation. 

Campaign Results:

  • 1.625 million impressions and earned media awareness.

  • Conversions rates remained at 15% higher than typical social donation.

  • Up to 30Xs the follower acquisition per day then typical rates for their Twitter handle.

Chirpify Benefits:

Chirpify allows users to respond and participate in social media no matter where they see a call-to-action. It opened up a whole new channel for the Foundation’s cause and allowed users to donate money within social and not a complicated micro-site no matter where they saw the donation instructions throughout the event. The added benefit of also collecting data of those who participated to compile for future donation campaign promotions. 

TaylorMade Golf Case Study


The Promotion:

TaylorMade Golf launched their new Project (a) Golf Ball at the AT&T National Pro-Am at Pebble Beach. To expand the excitement around the new product TMaG ran a #Enter to win Chirpify campaign on Twitter, Facebook and through their email marketing, with the goal of giving away 20K sleeves of the new ball.

The Results:

  • Through Chirpify TMaG was able to give away all 10K sleeves within 2 days of the campaign launch, the same weekend of the Pro-Am.

  • There were 31,390 intents, all of which TMaG was able to capture data for specific golfers (type of handicap)

  • One tweet reached 1.19MM accounts and generated upwards of 1.42 MM estimated impressions.

  • Chirpify delivered over 7k direct responses to people to complete their entry.

TaylorMade Golf was able to use their email marketing list to engage people within social media. By putting a tweet intent in their email (“Tweet #Want #ProjectA on social to enter to win”) they took a private offer into the public sector. Because of the data collection, TMaG was able to get the balls in the hands of qualified consumers, likely to purchase the ball in the future.