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Announcing Chirpify Social Loyalty CRM

“Know your audience.” It’s a simple and obvious mantra for any successful business. What’s not so simple and obvious is exactly how to go about getting to know your customers, connecting their identities in social media and messaging to existing customer records. Even further, if that data is obtained, most brands don’t know what to do with it. Full Press Release Request a Dashboard Demo

Today we’re excited to announce the ability to link personal social media and chat IDs with loyalty program and CRM databases, as well as a new CRM dashboard, enabling loyalty and social media marketers to segment members, view consumer engagement history, and instantly respond to consumers with content and rewards. With this connection, once obscure and anonymous social people become meaningful, identifiable customers that can be understood individually and in aggregate. Marketers can now discreetly mine customer information across social media and messaging to improve future marketing campaigns and calculate ROI.


Here’s a quick list of some of what it enables brands to do…

  • Connect social identity to existing customer records seamlessly
  • Aggregate all consumer posts (members and non-members alike) across all campaigns and social channels based on listening triggers you specify
  • Segment and view posts by multiple criteria
  • See all consumer profiles (members and non-members alike)
  • Segment and view users by multiple criteria
  • View consumer engagement and campaign history
  • Instantly reward consumers selecting different rewards from rewards library
  • Instantly message consumers back over same social channel they posted on
  • Create a message library for easy selection
  • View campaign analytics in real-time or over time
  • View consumer and posts while selecting multiple campaigns

Connecting the Data

Brands are connecting social media and chat identity to their existing customer records, and they’re doing it natively, without complex click tracking or convoluted customer experiences. They’re doing it by incentivizing their customers to connect their social media accounts as part of their loyalty program or marketing campaign. When this connection is made, the consumer obtains a remote control for marketing conversion and rewards, and the brand is able to listen, respond, and engage the consumer across multiple channels, all while gathering valuable CRM data. Through our social loyalty CRM all of your member’s engagement posts are aggregated, and their engagement history is viewable right in the dashboard. Furthermore, the entire platform is integrated with your existing CRM and Loyalty databases, so pushing and pulling data between the two is seamless.

Chirpify mobile app and crm integration for Silver Diner

The engine that powers the Chirpify platform allows you to link social IDs to your rewards/loyalty database and to your CRM software. Once obscure and anonymous social people are now meaningful, identifiable customers that can be understood individually and in aggregate, and responded to automatically or with moderation.

The new Chirpify dashboard provides easier, quicker access to unique data already available within our engagement loyalty platform, as well as your own loyalty and crm databases. The dashboard gives brands an easy way to segment audiences based on campaign, user, geolocation, influence, photos, posts, and more. Once segmented, marketers can choose who to engage, and what to engage them with, whether it’s a contest entry, points delivery, utility response, or other marketing outcomes. In other words, we not only supply you with the data, we give you the tools to do something meaningful with it.

Reporting & ROI

Taking data analysis to the next level, the data collected can then be used to determine ROI. In fact, several Chirpify customers have already used this data to determine that their socially connected loyalty members spend significantly more than those that are not connected via the Chirpify platform. One retailer told us that they learned from data analytics that connected members buy twice as frequently as non-connected members. And, a hotelier told us, “With analysis we have found that connected members, in a given year, spent 75% more than the average member. They also had 2X more purchases than the average member in the same time period.” View independ

Independent ROI Studies

Independent ROI studies conducted by our enterprise retail and hotel customers found that their socially connected loyalty members (connected via Chirpify) had the following data points vs non-connected members. To find out more, download the ROI study.


Have a higher NPS score (79% vs 73%)

Have a higher trust in the brand (65% vs 60%)

Spend more with the brand (35% vs 22%)

Mark the brand as #1 in preference vs competitors (62% vs 57%)


Spend 75% more

2X more bookings in the same time period

You can slice and dice demographic and social data to see who is buying what in response to which campaign. More importantly, you can proactively address the buying preferences and concerns of your current and future customers.

This information is also available for download in CSV format for custom analysis and what-if scenarios. Of course, the Chirpify services team is always available to assist with report creation, making sure you are focusing on data pertinent to your business.

Take control of your customer data and make a positive impact on your business. Contact us today.

Marriott wins 2017 Gold for Best Loyalty Marketing

Congrats to Marriott, and their social loyalty program, on winning first place for Chief Marketer’s 2017 best loyalty marketing!

We’re proud to power Marriott’s program, where in 2016 members generated more than 65 million positive earned media impressions, and earned more than 84 million rewards points through 326,000 social media engagements – the equivalent to earning roughly 11,000 free nights!

Twitter DM Cards and Chirpify – Pushing Chatbots to Meaningful Conversation

Last week Twitter announced a new Direct Message Card for advertisers. The card allows brands to create ads with up to four different prompts that can be used to kick-start conversations on a specific topic, with the goal of helping brands start a private chat with customers. Having developed chatbots since 2011, we are excited to see Twitter’s continued investment in making chatbots more accessible to marketers and customers alike.

If you aren’t already familiar with the new Twitter Direct Message Cards, they are specially designed ads that prompt people to select a given reply from a menu of choices within the ad. From this response, a personal conversation will begin in Twitter’s Direct Message tab. In the case of the Patron Tequila ad below, a person selecting one of these four responses will engage a bot in a Direct Message conversation with the bot suggesting cocktails based on their menu choice.

The new DM Card, according to Twitter, will help businesses drive discovery both through promoted tweets and organic sharing.


Which brings me to my first point about the evolution of chatbots. While Twitter’s DM Card seeks to address one area that chatbots have traditionally struggled — Discovery — Chirpify has long had a solution to this issue. Specifically, we’ve been driving chatbot discovery and engagement through the use of social triggers that can be used in any medium – from TV advertising to billboards; megatrons to email – that causes an immediate conversion opportunity from offline marketing to brand chatbots. While the Twitter DM Card helps elevate chatbots within the Twitter environment, Chirpify can elevate chatbots across marketing channels, in the process growing customer awareness, engagement and conversion. And, once people have converted with Chirpify, future conversion is seamless; people can stay in the Twitter (or other social media/messaging) context in which they are already operating.

Loyalty Drives Engagement

MarketingLand compares the new Twitter DM Card to Moviefone in which users “dial 1 for…” and the bot responds with content based on that topic. While this approach may engage people who are intrigued by the multi-choice ad, it will be important to create content that is viewed as a true value exchange for participation. A proven way to do this is to connect the person’s social ID to the loyalty program or CRM database to gain a deeper understanding of who the person is your chatbot is interacting with and use that data to further personalize your content and/or offers.

Connecting your chatbot and loyalty program is an ideal approach for two important reasons:

  1. It allows you to identify customers individually and in aggregate
  2. Provides you the opportunity to offer customers loyalty program points or other valued rewards in exchange for their participation.
This value exchange is critical to chatbot adoption and long-term success and in the process also provides brands with significant data that informs the ROI of their chatbot efforts.

Chirpify Marketing Chatbots

The Chirpify engine provides leading brands like Marriott, La Quinta, and Columbia Sportswear with chatbot abilities to engage and convert customers and calculate ROI of social media and messaging efforts. Critically, these organizations have linked the Chirpify engine to their loyalty programs, driving greater:

  1. Engagement and participation
  2. Rates of conversion
  3. Loyalty
  4. Spend per visit
  5. Frequency of spend

Increasing Spend – ROI

Indeed, Chirpify’s retail customers have found that people who connect their social ID and loyalty program account buy twice as frequently as non-connected members. And Chirpify’s hotel customers found that connected members spent 75% more than the average member in a given year. They also had 2X more purchases than the average member in the same time period.

The ChirpBot has been growing in sophistication for years now, with complex rules based logic, such as geo-fencing, frequency of participation, moderation, and responding to people in their native tongue. Ready to put the Chirpify chatbot experience to work for your brand and customers? Contact the experts at Chirpify today. To make it convenient, simply chat with the ChirpBot. Or, you can always contact us to schedule a conversation.

Silver Diner Launches Engagement Rewards Program With Chirpify


We’re excited to team up with Silver Diner, an American restaurant with 14 locations in Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey, to bring its “Eat Well, Do Well Rewards Club” to social media. Our platform is moving the program beyond just rewarding for spend to recognizing and rewarding members for their participation and engagement in social media.

Silver Diner has developed award-winning fresh and local menus to address today’s lifestyles. To stay relevant and participating in our customers’ lifestyle, we know we need to engage our diners between meals on social media. With Chirpify, Silver Diner gains new customers and valuable customer data, and diners accrue rewards for dollars off their next visit. This virtuous cycle of rewards, earned media, new customer acquisition, and customer-driven data underscores our philosophy of “Eat Well, Do Well”.

Joe Howell, Senior Marketing Manager, Silver Diner

In addition to its nostalgic tabletop jukeboxes, comfortable booths, and classic American food with a healthy twist, warm and friendly people are at the heart of Silver Diner. True to this warm and friendly reputation, Silver Diner has a history of giving back to both the community and its customers through a traditional rewards program. For example, schools earn a percentage back from linked customer sales, and customers earn points towards dollars that are redeemable on future visits to the restaurant. Now Silver Diner wants to make it even easier for customers to earn rewards.

For every eligible social action on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, Silver Diner customers are rewarded with points. Customers can earn up to five points each month, which translates into $5 off the member’s next visit. Our platform listens for specific social actions, as defined by Silver Diner, and applies rules from its rules engine, automatically sending a response to the customer behind the social action.


In addition to fueling listening, rules and responses, our solution is integrated with Paytronix, which tracks members’ earned points and redeemed rewards in a digital wallet. This means that when a customer checks their loyalty account, the social media points are visible and accounted for.

To fuel more participation, Silver Diner also integrated our offsite social registration into their mobile app, so members can instantly connect their social accounts to begin earning rewards.

As current customers share their experiences, new customers are garnered, and the business’s top line is positively impacted. The positive cycle of customer engagement, conversion, loyalty and new customer acquisition is proven to drive positive ROI. The bonus for companies actively engaging their customers? Rich customer data that can be used for future promotions and campaigns to repeat the cycle.

To find out more how we can help your company modernize its rewards programs contact us here.

Upgrade Your Frequent Flyer Programs with Engagement Loyalty



Airlines have come to innately understand the value of an existing customer–versus the cost of obtaining a new one–and that it makes good financial sense to reward loyal customers. After all, the lifetime value of a loyal customer outweighs the investment in tracking and rewarding desired behavior. This formula of rewarding loyal flyers has worked quite well for the airline industry since the early ‘80s when frequent flyer programs were introduced.

While it’s blindingly obvious that customer loyalty is table stakes for continued business growth, a new solution area is helping airlines evolve their traditional loyalty programs to increase customer engagement, participation, loyalty and spend. As consumer expectations have evolved, so too must customer relationships and with them the customer loyalty program. The introduction of engagement loyalty helps frequent flyer programs evolve to meet changing customer needs and expectations. Let’s walk through how:

Make it Easy to Do Business

Increasingly the customer experience drives more and more of a customer’s brand devotion. Yet, the customer experience does not end when they get off the plane and collect their bag. Engagement loyalty recognizes that customers have more touchpoints than ever with their airline of choice, most notably a host of social media networks, their mobile device and now messaging apps as well. Engagement loyalty allows carriers to seamlessly connect consumers’ mobile interface with meaningful experiences, back end business processes, and consumer programs like the frequent flyer program that already exist within the organization.

Today’s consumers have a remote control in their pocket that allows them to interact with the airline how, when and where they like. Those that are able to infuse the customer experience with the utility consumers demand, making it easy to do business with and interact with the brand, will not only maintain the customer relationship, but have the opportunity to grow their loyalty and customer lifetime value.

Reward for Time

In an age where airlines are moving to a model where customers are rewarded for a unique combination of dollars spent, segments and miles flown, rewarding for engagement is refreshing and a competitive differentiator. Customers increasingly understand that their time and networks are valuable to brands (in and out of the travel industry) and want to be rewarded for their advocacy efforts.

As Thom Kozik, Vice President of Loyalty at Marriott (a Chirpify customer), noted…

“Consumer expectations around being rewarded for dollars spent has shifted. Today’s consumers recognize there is greater value in their time, attention, and their social media footprint, and expect to be rewarded accordingly for that.”

As such, engagement loyalty platforms like Chirpify allow airlines to reward customers in social media for their advocacy, engagement and other desired behaviors. This fuels positive earned media for the airline, while making the customer feel recognized and appreciated, fueling a positive customer experience that helps create a virtuous snowball of customer loyalty.

Platforms like Chirpify allow marketers to reward customers at scale, while also providing the capability to surprise and delight individual members, personally recognizing and interacting with them in real-time.

Gather New Customer Data Inputs

For years now the airline industry has heavily invested in data analytics, tracking everything from products and services to city pairs, which can then be used for everything from refining which offers are presented to customers as they book online, all the way up to strategic planning. Engagement loyalty provides a new, critical data input into customer behavior and expectations that airlines should not overlook.

Specifically, engagement loyalty allows marketers to acquire the social identity of frequent flyer program members which can then be tied to customer records. With this data in hand, marketers can measure the reach, impressions, conversion rates and more of their campaigns. In addition, with engagement loyalty, they can activate offline marketing activities — like TV ads, billboards or in-airport signage — via social media, tracking the success of each activity to different social channels, demographics and more.

For example, an airline who is trying to promote a new segment from a hub might try to encourage awareness and sales with in-airport marketing that prompts engagement with a social trigger. When a known frequent flyer, “Stan” engages with that trigger, Chirpify allows the airline to listen for that social action and piece it together with his consumer data that has been stored. Chirpify recognizes that it was Stan who used the social trigger and automatically sends him a personalized mobile email, thanking him for looking into the new destination and rewarding him, for example with a free baggage check when he books a flight to the new destination.

Chirpify enables this social participation on behalf of leading travel organizations such as Marriott, IHG and La Quinta, listening in the background for consumers that activate social triggers – both net new customers and existing loyalty program members. Chirpify applies rules from its rules engine and automatically responds to the consumer accordingly, effectively engaging and converting consumers online.

The airline industry has always been at the forefront of innovation when it comes to customer loyalty programs, serving as a template for others to follow. With engagement loyalty, airline marketers are able to increase customer engagement, loyalty efforts and customer lifetime value as they make it easier for customers to do business with them, rewarding them for desired activities. All of these benefits serve to create a virtual snowball of positive earned media, greater customer loyalty, additional customer insights and greater topline growth.

For additional information on how brands are upgrading their customer loyalty programs with engagement loyalty, subscribe to our blog, or reach out to us today for a tailored assessment.

Insights from Loyalty Expo 2016: Social Media Loyalty No Longer Optional

Thom Kozik, Vice President of Loyalty at Marriott, showing off how Marriott uses Chirpify

I spent last week at the 9th annual Loyalty Expo in Florida, where loyalty marketers came together to share best practices, new trends, and lessons learned. It’s a great forum for sharing and learning and between the many keynotes and expo floor discussions, a major theme crystallized: Social Media Loyalty is no longer optional.

Nearly every session I attended, including the keynote from Ken Thewes the CMO of Regal Entertainment Group, highlighted social media loyalty as an initiative, making it clear over the course of the show that social media loyalty is no longer a nice to have, but rather a business imperative. For instance, Thom Kozik, Vice President of Loyalty at Marriott (Chirpify customer), gave a great breakout session that highlighted how…

“Consumer expectations around being rewarded for dollars spent has shifted. Today’s consumers recognize there is greater value in their time, attention, and their social media footprint, and expect to be rewarded accordingly for that.”

I also held a session along with Lindsay McCann, our customer from Columbia Sportswear, about A Social Media Remote Control For Loyalty. Our presentation slides are available for download here.

Brands & the Industry Have Decided

This position has evolved from both brands and the industry coming to a similar conclusion. The traditional cornerstones of loyalty programs cannot continue to succeed – much less thrive – without social media as an integral component. Consider:

Data – It’s always been important to know who your loyalty members are in order to treat them appropriately. For example, when booking a hotel room, a Platinum Premiere might proactively identify themselves, but when tweeting about their experience on the property, they may not do so. Yet, being able to identify when your Platinum Premieres engage over social media and reward them for that behavior serves to further several loyalty strategies.

Moreover, collecting information about these communications regardless of channel is imperative to ensuring success – from future marketing segmentation and outreach to encouraging social advocacy and rewarding members appropriately to their relationship with your program. Behind all of these strategies is the ability to link social IDs to your membership database. It is simply not optional if you want to ensure you have the needed data to drive all these activities across channels.

Customer experience – Loyalty program members have come to expect personalized customer experiences with tailored processes based on their interaction. However, customers increasingly want to engage with brands over social media. In fact, a recent report by Influencer and Adweek found that 76% of US female social media users interact digitally with brands several times a week.

The majority of these social interactions occur over a mobile device, which has translated into consumers demanding the utility of a social media remote control for loyalty. Lindsay McCann, Marketing Analyst for the Columbia Sportswear Loyalty Program, who I had the pleasure of presenting with at the conference, rightly noted that once a member connects their social account to the Columbia Sportswear Greater Rewards program, they have a social media remote control with the ability to convert future calls to action from anywhere – whether that be email, their website or elsewhere. Because the program knows who they are, the reward for using this remote control can be tailored to them, to the conversion activity, and more.

Customer Relationship Management – Building strong and engaging relationships with customers whose value increases over time is a key tenet of loyalty marketing. Yet, as more and more people move their relationships to social media they also expect brands to interact with them there – in meaningful ways, with decent response times.

Technology like the Chirpify Platform allows marketers to drive timely, meaningful 1:1 engagement at scale. For example, if ten thousand people at the Super Bowl tweet a photo and say that they want a seat upgrade, Chirpify can automatically tweet back to those 10,000 people who shared a photo thanking them and inviting them to opt in. This type of automation of the message simply can’t be achieved without technology that monitors for consumer interaction and applies rules to engage and respond with them. The benefit brands get in addition to continuing to build the customer relationship is countless organic impressions and implicit social proof from those members sharing their brand moments with their networks.

Omni-Channel Loyalty – When all these elements unite, loyalty members begin to see no difference in the level of personalization and experience regardless of the media used to engage with the brand. By bringing customers a consistent, expected and optimized experience across all channels, brands are able to meet and exceed customer demands for utility and ease of interacting with the brand. When you factor in the amount of time people spend honing their social personas, and the degree to which they rely on social outreach, it’s easy to see why social media has become a business imperative in the loyalty marketing equation.

The overarching take-away from this year’s Loyalty Expo was that social media loyalty is a business imperative. With seeming consensus by brands and across the industry, it is increasingly clear that social media is integral to reaching member loyalty goals. As this theme begins to crystalize, social media and customer loyalty disciplines will need to learn how to establish automation and processes to bolster the four cornerstones of customer loyalty. Please contact us today if you’d like to explore how Chirpify can help you establish a social media loyalty program with lasting competitive advantage.

Chirpify and Retail: Meeting New Customer Acquisition & Retention Challenges Head On



Retailers for the past several years have seen consumer spending stagnate and while the NRF estimates that retail sales in 2016 will grow 3.1 percent – an improvement over the 10-year average of 2.7 percent– it’s still not predicted to be the blockbuster year that brands have been hoping for. Slow growth coupled with new technologies, changing consumer behavior and what’s important to consumers all means that retail marketing strategies for attracting and retaining customers must continually evolve to address a changing reality.

While customer attraction and retention has always been important, doing more of the same simply doesn’t work anymore, as evidenced by retailers who failed to adapt and have fallen by the wayside. It’s a natural reflection of the changing needs and demands of consumers that Victoria’s Secret, for example, has ceased publication of its mail order catalog.

So, what is it that today’s consumers desire and demand that retailers can attract and retain customers with a new, fresh approach that will resonate – and most importantly succeed. Let’s walk through three key elements of customer expectations and how retail marketers can proactively address them:


Today’s consumers have a remote control in their pocket that allows them to interact with brands how, when and where they like. Brands that are able to infuse the customer experience with the utility consumers demand will be able to maintain value in the customer relationship, not just retaining that customer but expanding their lifetime value. Utility is more than convenience; it’s the customer’s view of omni-channel and how easy it is engage with the brand in a personalized, 1:1 manner. This means creating a holistic connection of the mobile interface with meaningful experiences, back end business processes, and consumer programs that already exist within the organization.


Which brings us to personalization. Peppers & Rogers coined the 1:1 relationship over a decade ago; yet, the tools and technology marketers have now to enable a personalized cross-channel experience is groundbreaking. While shopping suggestions based on past purchases, remarketing efforts and happy birthday emails are great, personalization can be taken to another level entirely when coupled with the ability to authenticate, or recognize an individual customer. The Chirpify platform, for example, allows brands to expand on personalization in this way, engaging and interacting intelligently with consumers via a rules-based system that can link to deep CRM data for a true realization of the 1:1 conversation.


Taking this evolution to the next natural step then is to offer programs that already exist within the organization, such as loyalty, to consumers over their social-mobile remote control. By linking offline loyalty program members with online social IDs, retailers can gather important data about who is engaging with them online and which channels they prefer to use when shopping (e.g. do they order online and pick up in the store). With this data in hand, marketers can further personalize their 1:1 efforts and create campaigns that maximize customer value.

For example, a sporting goods retailer who is trying to expand in-store sales might try to encourage sales with in-store marketing that prompts engagement with a social trigger. When a known customer, “Jack” engages with that trigger, Chirpify allows the retailer to listen for that store-based social action and piece it together with his consumer data that has been stored. Chirpify recognizes that it was Jack who used the social trigger and automatically sends him a personalized mobile email, thanking him for visiting the store and rewarding him with 10% off his in-store purchase. Forbes recently reported that 84% of consumers say they would spend more with retailers who offer programs that reward them for social and other non-purchase actions. It is not just discounts that delight customers, but the opportunity to be rewarded for social participation.

Chirpify enables this social participation on behalf of retailers such as Columbia Sportswear and listens in the background for consumers that activate social triggers – both net new customers and existing loyalty program members. Chirpify applies rules from its rules engine and automatically responds to the consumer accordingly, effectively engaging and converting consumers online. Chirpify enables a currency exchange between retailers’ existing loyalty programs and social media and activates retailers’ campaigns enabling consumers to use social to convert on marketing and advertising instantly. All of which serves to increase organic engagement, grow customer acquisition, further loyalty efforts and increase customer lifetime value.

It is the convergence of personalization, utility and loyalty that will enable retailers to meet the evolving challenge of customer acquisition and retention head on, effectively competing more successfully for a larger piece of the consumer spending pie. Retail CIOs and COOs may be marching to the beat of an omni-channel drum, but retail marketers need to be thinking about how they can drive cross-channel utility to get consumers to purchase in any channel at all. If your brand is struggling with customer acquisition and retention in a landscape of changing consumer expectations, reach out to us today to learn more about how Chirpify can align loyalty, utility and personalization for you.

Convert Social & Mobile Actions into Loyalty & Rewards

At Chirpify, we’ve engaged with hundreds of brands and agencies on their social activation campaigns, enabling more than a million consumers to respond directly to these and other brands’ products, content and promotions via social channels. As social media marketing as a discipline has matured and consumers themselves have evolved in their use of social media, at Chirpify we’ve seen a clear trend that the true value of social is moving to always-on and contextual interactions vs. campaigns.

To drive real customer advocacy and lifetime value, an ongoing program is what is really needed. It’s difficult to develop customer relationships when you simply reach out once in a while; it’s hard to imagine a customer would feel connected or loyal to your brand if they only heard from you once in a long while. 

We’ve heard form our clients who have activated consumers and collected data and want more from those loyal participants.

How can you keep consumers brand loyal?


By nurturing & rewarding loyal consumers for their actions on social, brands are able to develop deeper advocacy, reach and loyalty because they serve to establish and build upon a customer relationship.  Ongoing programs can look like Social Loyalty, Brand Ambassador, and/or VIP Clubs, all of which have proven extremely valuable for our clients.

How do we fit in?


We are already working with brands like Guess, Pantene and Darden Restaurants to unlock the opportunities in this space. If you are interested in building deeper customer relationships and maximizing lifetime customer value, let’s chat