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Embracing the Mobile Movement & the Rise of the Multi-Screen Campaigns


Brace yourselves because we are all part of the mobile takeover. Consumers are progressively moving daily routines away from the desktop and on to their mobile devices. These routines include browsing social media platforms, checking favorite apps for updated and tailored information and even completing purchases right through their smartphone or tablet screens.

Marketers and Advertisers are recognizing this trend as well.  91% of advertisers polled by Jivox, a data company, said their company will spend more on mobile ads this year. Despite this massive mobile push, a large cloud of uncertainty looms over this major shift in spending. Below we will detail the perceived benefits of using multi-screen campaigns and how Chirpify meets or even exceeds those benefits. Following that, we will address the “fears” of the mobile movement and how Chirpify can ease those pains.

Highlighting the Benefits

40% of advertisers surveyed felt that the biggest benefit to a multi-screen campaign was it’s ability to extend a campaigns reach. Over here at Chirpify, we couldn’t agree more with this statement. We have been able to extend the reach of our clients social campaigns on marketing channels such as billboards, TV and as far as in-venue events. After activating a multi-screen campaign, 76% of the advertisers felt as engagement rate was the top measurement to report. While engagement is a very important statistic to measure, Chirpify takes it a step further by measuring which engagements directly correlate to revenue. Conversion rates measurements takes a step beyond conversations and provides valuable data on ROI from multi-screen campaigns.

Squashing the Fears

A shocking 51% of the advertisers that aren’t running a multi-screen campaign felt that the biggest thing holding them back was a lack of viable technology. Chirpify provides support where that lack of technology is currently frustrating marketers. Our Marketing Conversion Platform successfully enables multi-screen campaigns while capturing a wide array of key metrics. The biggest hurdle for advertisers, audience tracking, also falls under the umbrella of Chirpify abilities. Of the those surveyed, 33% felt as this was the most significant hurdle in running a  multi-screen campaign. Our platform creates the ideal two way street for brands by benefitting engaged consumers and also capturing key consumer profiles for a brand’s CRM.


With a number as high as 91% shifting ad dollars to mobile, we want to assure you that there is method behind the madness. Chirpify serves as the bridge from tradition to innovation with multi-screen campaigns. Our goal is to help brands ease into and eventually fully embrace the mobile movement.

Actiontags: The Next Wave of Call-To-Actions


We recently read an article where B2C author defines a call-to-action as a “button, banner or some type of graphic or text meant to encourage a user to click.”

To extend on this marketing practice that can be seen across various channels (TV, social, emails) we see this strategy as a motivation tool for consumers. This practice creates a sense of urgency by the brand when they use action words in the advertisement – but how do you know if the consumer is following through? What do you have to offer for a consumer to take action on your ask?

The tips in this article “Calls-To-Action: What Are They” list out design elements like white space, strong font and bold design. However, the bigger question brands and businesses need to ask is “How and why will the user take action?” 

One tip that specifically stood out amongst the suggestions was “copy to get people to act.” Strategic wording needs to be carefully selected to generate an immediate action from consumers. With call-to-actions, sometimes less is more. Brevity is key as it is possible to lose the consumer’s interest with long and descriptive copy. Instead, one word actions like “buy” or “donate” can successfully capture a consumer’s interest. In the world of social media, a marketer may have as little as 140 characters to inspire the call-to-action so using concise wording becomes even more important.

Chirpify has helped pioneer call-to-actions into the field of social media- a platform consumers are comfortable with and have access to from their mobile devices. We have been able to further simplify call-to-actions beyond buttons and banners with Actiontags. By utilizing an Actiontag, consumers are able to perform the call to action by simply retweeting or using the specific hashtags from advertisements they see anywhere. Actiontags also plays into the idea brevity by using one word hashtags such as #buy or #enter. Using those call-to-actions generates an immediate response from brands on a select social channel. These practices can also be implemented into previously uncharted marketing territory. Brands are able to enable these call-to-actions from social into marketing channels such as billboards, TV and even in-venue events.

Learn more by listening to our recorded webinar on cross-channel conversion opportunities (using CTAs!) here.

Measure Traditional Media ROI Using Social Media

Welcome to Chirpify’s three part series covering Cross-Channel Marketing, and more specifically how brands are using social media as the point of conversion for all marketing efforts. We’ve learned a lot with our great clients and want to share some of our findings with you.

During a typical day, people see thousands of advertisements- whether in real life or online. Since digital advertising properties have grown, it’s been a long standing debate about how to measure its success. From click-through-rates to impressions, measuring advertising ROI usually depends on budget, goals and placement.

Historically, traditional advertising metrics (billboards, TV, and print) have been based on assumptions and out-of-the-box tactics to measure success. However, with the growth of social media and hashtags, brands have been discovering ways to measure and convert consumers who use the hashtags they see anywhere, within social media. How? By using activated hashtags they are now able to allow consumer action instead of just being the glue that holds together a large conversation.

Brands we work with have been acquiring metrics from Actiontags including:

•Activating #hashtags for instant participation & purchase

•Acquiring customer data in return for premium social content

•Driving social conversion from TV, Events and in-Store media

How It Works:


Recently, we launched a Time’s Square Billboard activation for pop star, Ariana Grande. During her hosting appearance during “Total Ariana Live,” the star gave access to her first single from her newest album My Everything. She used a billboard, social media and her appearance on television to promote how her fans could get access. Since you can’t click on a link from a billboard or TV, they instead displayed #NowPlaying #TotalArianaLive. When fans tweeted the hashtags, Chirpify automated the artist account response with the link to her new song instantly.


Because Ariana was promoting this across several different platforms, Actiontags allowed her fans to see a call-to-action and get instant “product” and gratification.

In order to use social media to bridge the gap between social followers and participating customers, there are three questions the brand needs to ask themselves:

  • ROI Focus: Do you want to drive direct commerce? Collect customer profile info for CRM?
  • Activation Points: Do you want to run a social only campaign or create cross-channel opportunities?
  • Incentives: What do you have for the consumer who participates with your brand? Exclusive access? Prizes? Coupons?

Stay tuned for part two & three of this series as we will share more examples of brands taking advantage of cross-channel conversion opportunities.

We will be hosting a webinar on August 14th at 11am “Leveraging Social Media for  Cross-Channel Marketing Conversion.” Read more and join us by visiting our Channel here.

Chirpify & Lenovo Run Activated Sweepstakes

#SportsConf 2014 Recap: Sports Activation

In case you missed it, our very own Chris Mike spoke during a Q&A panel at this years Sports Conference– an all virtual conference with the industries top sports, tech and social leaders. He spoke on the topic of sports ‘activation’ and how brands can utilize social as the point of conversion in sports arenas, on billboards and in social. 

We had a great time along side some great companies and loved seeing the engagement from listeners in real-time.

Follow the conversion on twitter with #SportsActivation and be sure to drop us a question if you have one. 

Check out the video in full:

See a recap of the entire conference here.

We had a great time at CES this year, joining some great companies at the The Mindshare HuddleA round robin with emerging companies in the industry revolving around the theme of Adaptive Marketing. 

We joined Foursquare, Tumblr, Percolate, Wave, Kiip and many more to discuss the importance of social + mobile + hashtags and what they mean as a serious social conversion opportunity for brands both online and offline. 

Watch the video above to see our very own Kevin Tate talk about Chirpify and it’s value to brands in social media. 

Read the full article on Beet.TV here.

Tis the Season, To Support Local Makers!

 We’re very excited to share a bit of info with all of you talented makers/artists/creators out there. We are offering a limited time promotion starting tomorrow, and going through December 25, for anyone that currently sells their goods on Etsy. Sign up for Chirpify during the next ten days and receive a 0% transaction fee for life. This is a discount from our standard 5% transaction fee. Not only will this enable you to sell your goods directly to your followers on Twitter and Instagram, but also save you some dough in the process. Here are some examples of people who have Etsy storefronts already using Chirpify to sell their goods.

To take advantage of this promotion all you need to do is ReTweet this blog post and sign up for Chirpify, once you’ve done that, just send us a quick e-mail to hello at chirpify dot com with your Chirpify username and Etsy store URL, and we will ensure you get your 0% transaction fee within 24 hours of receiving your e-mail. We can’t wait to see all the wonderful things you’ll sell on Twitter and Instagram! ReTweet this blog post & Sign up to get 0% transaction fees for life *Chirpify is not affiliated with Etsy

E-Publications and Chirpify – A Perfect Match

Today we had author and contributing editor at Wired Magazine David Wolman list an ePub version of his book,The End of Money, for sale on Chirpify. David Wolman is an ideal partnership for Chirpify for numerous reasons.

The End of Money delves into the rapid disappearance of physical money and how technology and other means are shifting age-old currencies. Since we’re working to build a product that makes payments frictionless, social, and simple, this is easily one of our favorite books of 2012.

Check out David’s book below!

So are you an author/writer yourself? Chirpify is a great, simple, and social way to sell your e-publication in-stream on Twitter. To list a publication for sale, sign up with Chirpify first. Once you’re in your dashboard, select “New Listing” on the left column and follow the steps of creating the listing.

Select “Digital” on the item type and upload the file for your ePUB file.

Once you’ve finished filling out the price information on the listing and adding a photo for your publication you can publish the Tweet. And that’s all there is to it!

Have questions about listing your e-publication on Chirpify? Contact us, we’re happy to help!

TaylorMade Golf SpiderSi Case Study


TMaG Case Study

To promote the new Ghost Spider Si Putter TaylorMade Golf gave away 20 of the new putters via a social only sweepstakes. The campaign was promoted on Twitter and Facebook and coincided with the Shell Houston Open. 

Campaign Results:

  • In 5 days, they gathered 3,171 completed sweepstakes entries and generated 2.7 million earned media impressions.

  • The campaign helped the campaign hashtag (#SpiderSi) trend in the golf category. 
  • They saw over 6,200 visits to their campaign page and over 93% of all traffic was via mobile.

Chirpify Benefits:

By using Chirpify’s mobile campaign form, TMaG saw an incredibly high mobile traffic rate. This number is about 25% higher than the average social campaign. Without using any paid media dollars around a major event, by using #actiontags they were able to amplify their branded hashtag to become trending within the golfing community during the Shell Houston Open.