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Why I Chose Chirpify

Hi. I’m Heath.

I recently relocated from Chicago (by way of San Francisco and Oklahoma) to join the Chirpify team here in Portland, OR. I’ve had quite a few friends, family members and Chirpify users ask me why I’d move 2,200 miles to join a new startup, so I figured I’d address just that.

I do a majority of my shopping online but have never been satisfied with the actual process of making the purchase. You see a product on Twitter, Facebook, Fab, Amazon, etc and you are forced to undergo numerous steps- Click the link (or “Add to Cart” button), Sign In (or if you’re a n00b, sign up for an even more excruciating experience), Edit your shipping information, Enter your payment information, Confirm order is correct, Place order.

Each step along the way, a little seed of doubt grows larger and larger in my brain. Should I buy this now or wait? Should I look around to find it elsewhere? What if it makes me look fat?

This is what we call friction. In most cases, other than physics, friction is not good. It creates the opportunity for me to question myself, lose interest and ultimately makes me feel as if I’m spending too much time on one task. It creates drop-off. Anything that limits conversions is friction and that is bad.

So, naturally, when I found Chirpify I was delighted to find that my online commerce experience(both as a seller and buyer) would be frictionless. The ability to create an account by connecting my Twitter and Paypal. The ability to purchase the items I want with one-step. The decentralization of commerce.

That’s why I chose Chirpify.

Having worked in social media for the past few years, I’ve always felt like there’s a disconnect between buying a product and connecting with a brand. In the brick-and-mortar days, that disconnect didn’t exist. You stepped into a store, picked out your item, walked to the cash register and most likely engaged in some sort of conversation with the individual working there, whether trivial or not. With traditional eCommerce, you had none of that- just a few added steps along the way.

Chirpify’s conversational commerce does a terrific job of bridging that relational gap. It allows users the power to purchase a product by conversing with the brand. Likewise, it gives brands the ability to converse more deeply with that individual.

The ability to purchase directly in Twitter, where I’m already spending my time. The ability to connect more profoundly with the things I care about. The ability to share what I love with those that I love.

That’s why I chose Chirpify.

Simply put, I wasn’t satisfied with the status quo. I hated the friction. The laborious processes frustrated me. I missed out on the connection. Fortunately for me, Chirpify has remedied that.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Rory Felton

It’s been a busy time here at Chirpify. In fact, we’ve grown from one employee (props to fearless leader Chris) in April of this year to seven today (and growing).

A big hire we recently made is adding Rory Felton as Vice President of Business Development—Music. Rory is an amazing addition to the team with an impressive background.

It’s a tall task to summarize Rory’s experience since it is so extensive, but here it goes: co-founded a record company at 18 years old (The Militia Group), featured in Billboard Magazine’s Top 30 Executives Under 30, sold over 5 million recordings as executive producer, developed artists later acquired by Sony, Universal and EMI, created a publishing joint venture with BMG Music Publishing (acquired by Universal), executive producer of music videos viewed by tens of millions of people on MTV, VH1, YouTube, and Vevo… The list of accomplishments by Felton is literally endless and we’re looking forward to him driving our growth in the music space.

But wouldn’t you rather hear what Rory has to say?

Chirpify: What’s your favorite thing about Chirpify?

Rory Felton: I love that Chirpify is turning ecommerce on its head by removing all frictions of a traditional payment or e-commerce system. Chirpify is so simple yet so revolutionary—it transforms Twitter from a broadcast platform into a transactional one. 

C: Why do you think Chirpify is set up for success?
RF: The combination of frictionless one step transactions, social commerce, content delivery, and Twitter’s real-time reach, is what makes Chirpify such a powerful platform.

C: You live in LA. Why not Chirpify’s headquarters in Portland?
RF: Portland is not only home to artists like The Decemberists and the late Elliott Smith, it has also become a hotbed for emerging technology. It is a great city and I will be relocating in the near future. In the meantime Los Angeles is still the entertainment capitol and has been my home for the last twelve years.

C: What’s your favorite artist?
RF: An impossible question to answer. Usually I go with the classics such as Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, or Bob Dylan. There are of course thousands of records in my catalog I enjoy. Today I’ve been spinning Frank Ocean, Delta Spirit and Wildcat Wildcat. 

Join us in welcoming Rory Felton to the team. Great to have you on board!