Better Product Sampling with Social Media

Since before social media, product sampling was already intuitively social. From grocery store tasting trays to department store perfume reps- sampling has been a great way for brands to connect with potential consumers directly. Giving an undecided purchaser the chance to try your product, at little cost to the company, can highly influence their on-the-spot [...]

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Why Infrastructure Matters

My Metaphorical Introduction Within metropolitan areas, infrastructure and the ability to scale up are constant concerns during population booms. Portland, my personal residence, is no exception to the rule. Every morning, traffic light after traffic light, stop sign after stop sign, I trudge along at snails pace. Obviously, getting to and from work faster would [...]

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Introducing Chirpify’s Landing Page Builder

The Summary After running successful campaigns for the likes of Oreo, Sprint, Adidas, and Secret it’s clear to us that the path to success differs from brand-to-brand and vertical-to-vertical. We want to build our platform in a way that is configurable to each brand and their specific goals, so we took a few steps back and [...]

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Chirpify In The News: Actiontags for TV

Today we announced Actiontags for TV and wanted to share some great metrics we’ve seen from the last 90 days! You can find all of  the information & metrics in our full product press release. Some highlights include: 5,000 Tweets Per Hour A recent brand campaign featured #actiontags in a prime-time TV commercial, offering customers [...]

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Social Media Week: Chirpify on “Like Minds” Panel

During Social Media Week in New York, Ogilvy put on a great panel called "Like Minds New York" which features thought leaders from the digital industry to discuss topics around social business. Chirpify was on the panel discussing: “How To Convert Your Followers Into Sales” led by Chris Brogan, and was joined by Callan Green, Senior Social Media [...]

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#SportsConf 2014 Recap: Sports Activation

In case you missed it, our very own Chris Mike spoke during a Q&A panel at this years Sports Conference- an all virtual conference with the industries top sports, tech and social leaders. He spoke on the topic of sports 'activation' and how brands can utilize social as the point of conversion in sports arenas, [...]

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We had a great time at CES this year, joining some great companies at the The Mindshare Huddle: A round robin with emerging companies in the industry revolving around the theme of Adaptive Marketing.  We joined Foursquare, Tumblr, Percolate, Wave, Kiip and many more to discuss the importance of social + mobile + hashtags and what they [...]


Let’s Stop Debating Whether or Not Super Bowl Ads are Worth it

Every year the industry debates whether or not Super Bowl ads are worth the millions of dollars that brands invest for a TV spot (current estimate for the 2014 Super Bowl: $4 million for a 30-second spot). I’m not here for that debate, because it’s absolutely worth it if your primary goal is brand lift. [...]

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A new blog and a new look

Lots of exciting things are happening this month at Chirpify HQ. We have new hires, new features, and now a new blog complete with new look! This jump to Tumblr will bring many benefits, but we’re most excited about getting to know the fantastic Tumblr community more. If you were following our old blog on [...]

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Chirpify powers in-stream donations for MasterCard #DoGood

We’re delighted to announce that Chirpify has partnered with MasterCard to offer the first-ever hashtag donation campaign with in-stream giving. Chirpify is powering Mastercard’s Dig In & Do Good campaign, which launched today in support of Stand Up To Cancer.  Mastercard programs have raised more than $12 million to date for the celebrity-sponsored charity. In addition to social donations, [...]

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