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OREO Case Study

How Chirpify drove instant conversion from TV during the Grammys




For the first time ever, OREO launched a product sampling campaign by featuring an #actiontag in a prime-time TV commercial. It offered customers first access to a new product flavor by adding the hashtag #SendMeOreo at the end of the TV spot, which aired during the Grammys.

Campaign Results:

  • The campaign proved consumers can and will transact directly from a Television at scale with a single Tweet.

  • The campaign drove up to 5,000 tweets per hour, catapulting the campaign to become a nationally-trending Twitter topic.

  • @Oreo gained over 15k new followers in 12 hours with Chirpify – they normally average 1K in a day.

  • #SendMeOreo accounted for 5.3% of the total Grammy impressions on Twitter.

  • Oreo added 20K new members to its database. (Oreo limited the quantity to 20K)

  • Social product sampling program delivered 20,000 boxes to engaged social customers. (Oreo limited the quantity to 20K)

  • #Actiontag participation and sharing drove more than 46 million impressions and reached 22 million social accounts.

adidas Targets High School Football Players with Social Bracket Campaign

Many brands leverage major live events as in-the-moment marketing opportunities to create earned media and consumer engagement within new markets. There was no shortage of this during this years NCAA Tournament as brands launched both planned and on-the-spot branded content throughout the games.

adidas strategically used Chirpify to run a High School football bracket hosted all on social media.  They took the opportunity to run a social campaign directed towards their identified targets with a fun and in-the-moment effort reflecting the bracket style of the NCAA Tournament.


How It Works

Fans took to Twitter & Facebook to first nominate any any high school to earn a spot in the adizero16. Similar to the NCAA bracket, users would vote for which team they wanted to move on by using the actiontags #vote & #adizero16 on social. The winning school would get their entire team decked-out in the latest adizero cleats.

“What we know is that if we provide them something they’re interested in, they’ll become PR machines in their local areas,” said Jeremy Darlow, Adidas’ senior brand and digital marketing manager. “By giving them the nugget that they want — every kid wants their team to have their best gear — it expands from there. They spread the word to the degree that we can never do.”


Because of the niche nature of this campaign- which solely targeted high school football players- adidas had a specific way of measuring success. Typically, brands want extended reach and more followers but this campaign’s success was measured differently. How targeted the engagement (and data collection) was and being able to put a product, not in front of many people- but the right people, was seen as a huge campaign win.

Initial Wins:

  • More than 2,300 total tweets using #nominate #adizero16

  • 822 completed nominations

  • 435 different high schools nominated

Although the campaign was timely around the NCAA Tournament, adidas was able to create their own reason to be in the space and engage the direct consumers they want to be informed about their newest product. They were able to create brand advocates of students who told their school to vote while also capturing the social and location data for each participant.

Read more in press coverage here.

TaylorMade Golf Activates Email Offer in Social

Brands who use actiontags in their email marketing are utilizing Chirpify as a way to socialize their email list— creating a bridge from email into social and driving valuable earned media impressions.

Chirpify’s partnership with TaylorMade Golf provided us with exciting new insights— by activating a sampling campaign within both social and email TaylorMade was able to distribute 10k new products to qualified consumers in under two days.

TaylorMade sent a promotional email to their subscribers telling them about the chance to receive free golf balls by tweeting #Enter #ProjectA, a campaign they were currently running on social. The result? We saw a huge spike in engagement on Twitter which was directly driven from the email blast. Users saw the call-to-action and were quick to participate on their social channels.


An active brand who uses actiontags in their media:

  • Allows marketing messages in an offline channel to be actionable for the consumer, no matter where they see your message
  • Gives the brand the ability to reach out to the qualified consumer and ask, “Would you like to try?” and then having the ability to fulfill those requests. 
  • Is able to understand the profiles of the consumers who engage, so that future initiatives can targeted to the right people
  • Can amplify public and direct messaging into social, reaching potential fans and consumers

Chirpify & Lenovo Run Activated Sweepstakes

Forever 21 Activates Holiday Commerce Promotion

Tampa Bay Bolts Run Social Playoff Giveaway


Tampa Bay Lightning faced the Montreal Canadiens in the 2014 NHL playoffs. The organization turned to their Twitter following to create buzz around the games & events while also engaging and learning about their fans.

The Promotion

The campaign consisted of two posts over a 2 day period. The brand instructed followers to RT for a chance to win either tickets to a game or a signed jersey.

The Results


@TBLightning post engagement during Chirpify campaign (via Keyhole)

  • 1,133,727 impressions created
  • 785,119 Twitter accounts reached
  • 83% engaged via mobile devices

Chirpify turned the campaign engagement into into valuable data acquisition. Over 3,500 emails and social handles were collected with only two posts that Tampa Bay can use to target consumers in future promoted Tweet campaigns or in social CRM. The posts that included #actiontags exceeded engagement rates by 5X normal post rates. 

We are also sad to report Tampa Bay did not go on to win the series…until next year!

Chirpify Helps Debut adidas Carmouflage Cleats

Football, sneakerhead and music fans rejoiced as adidas revealed their new #Carmouflage 5-star cleats and sleeves as part of an ultimate game day giveaway.


The adidas cleats were debuted on field to Aggie fans and on TV to college football fanatics as Texas A&M took on the Missouri Tigers last Saturday.

adidas worked with Chirpify to run two simultaneous “Tweet to Win” posts on Twitter during the game, allowing fans and followers a chance to win the exclusive apparel. adidas revealed the gear using photos and a Vine video so fans were quick to participate with a simple RT.

The adidas Carmouflage social content quickly spread when hip-hop artist and sneaker aficionado Riff Raff shared the post to his fans via Facebook and Twitter, amplifying the buzz around the giveaway. 

The campaign saw huge success with thousands of accounts reached resulting in millions of branded impressions. Interested in learning more about it? Check it out for yourself:

Sprint Runs Smartphone Giveaway with Chirpify

Chirpify has teamed up with Sprint to amplify the awareness around their new smartphones for the holidays.

It all started with a simple strategy —use an #ActionTag on social to ask fans to #Enter to win 1 of 5 new devices over 5 days. By simply RTing a Sprint post or by clicking on the branded campaign page through Facebook, users could participate easily with just a few clicks.

A strong offer and simplified user experience lead to quick and measurable results for the brand:

There was no need for a large Twitter media buy or banner ads— this campaign took off overnight because Sprint capitalized on social media user behavior, allowing people to participate in-steam and on the go, turning that participation into conversion. Of the thousands of people participating in this giveaway, over 70% were doing so via mobile.

Because of Chirpify’s message automation technology and mobile landing page, Sprint was able to:

1. Follow up with every user who engaged (retweeted, clicked) on the campaign post with the link to enter the giveaway

2. Convert those actions into completed entries using a mobile-optimized landing page for easy conversion

Making the process even more seamless, Chirpify created a new feature for this campaign— allowing people to checkout the contest entry form as a guest while still capturing the social IDs tied to email address for future Sprint outreach.

While the single campaign messaging point on social is generating over 1MM impressions, thousands of engagement points and major fan growth for Sprint’s social channels— the major win is within the number of completed entries and data captured in a very short period of time.

This is just the beginning. This contest Launched on Monday Dec 9th and ends 11:59pm CTS on Friday Dec 13th. See it in action or join in the fun, here. Stay tuned for final campaign results!