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OREO Case Study

How Chirpify drove instant conversion from TV during the Grammys




For the first time ever, OREO launched a product sampling campaign by featuring an #actiontag in a prime-time TV commercial. It offered customers first access to a new product flavor by adding the hashtag #SendMeOreo at the end of the TV spot, which aired during the Grammys.

Campaign Results:

  • The campaign proved consumers can and will transact directly from a Television at scale with a single Tweet.

  • The campaign drove up to 5,000 tweets per hour, catapulting the campaign to become a nationally-trending Twitter topic.

  • @Oreo gained over 15k new followers in 12 hours with Chirpify – they normally average 1K in a day.

  • #SendMeOreo accounted for 5.3% of the total Grammy impressions on Twitter.

  • Oreo added 20K new members to its database. (Oreo limited the quantity to 20K)

  • Social product sampling program delivered 20,000 boxes to engaged social customers. (Oreo limited the quantity to 20K)

  • #Actiontag participation and sharing drove more than 46 million impressions and reached 22 million social accounts.

Why Infrastructure Matters

My Metaphorical Introduction

Within metropolitan areas, infrastructure and the ability to scale up are constant concerns during population booms.

Portland, my personal residence, is no exception to the rule. Every morning, traffic light after traffic light, stop sign after stop sign, I trudge along at snails pace. Obviously, getting to and from work faster would make life easier for me, but it would also expedite my productivity and time dedicated to Chirp things.

Technology is no different than roads and bridges. The more people you have accessing your technology, the more important it is to optimize processes, infrastructure, and accessibility. You need to be able to support more hypothetical cars on the road and prevent the volume from creating massive traffic jams.

We’ve been working on a few ways to make Chirpify’s infrastructure faster so your realtime marketing efforts can take it to the next level of effectiveness, efficiency, and speed.

What We’ve Done

Improved Response Time on Social, or “We feel the need. The need for speed.”

Whether it’s a sign up notification or a confirmation of success, the time between your audience posting actiontags and receiving an automated message is precious. Our engineering team optimized that portion of the platform to ensure that messages are sent quickly and consistently despite the volume of tweets the technology is processing. After doing numerous load tests, we are seeing responses averaging about 6 seconds to be delivered. You can see the expedited solution implemented in AT&Ts recent giveaway of HTC devices.

But, how does this benefit your brand?

In short, the faster the message, the better capability you have to reach out to individuals engaging with your brand. We see the message that Chirpify sends to actiontag users as the automated beginning to brand dialogue, passing the torch to your community managers to engage further. 

During a recent campaign, adidas Soccer did exactly that and the results were great! Users were excited and felt confirmed in their successful entry to their contest.

Faster Page Loads and Higher Capacity Support on Campaign Landing Pages (And More to Come!)

A good landing page experience is paramount to us. It’s where you gather the data the means the most to your brand. It’s where the users that mean the most to you further engage with your campaigns. Simply put, it’s a pivotal plot of land in numerous ways.

We’ve been working on implementing better server-side solutions to support more people on-site, while not experiencing performance dropoffs as a result. I’m happy to say that the capabilities are 10x improved week-over-week since we launched these enhancements.

So, what’s this mean to you?

Your users can access your content and campaigns more reliably, quickly, and seamlessly than ever before. We can support more traffic than ever before. The site loads just shy of the speed of light. But…there’s more optimizations on the landing page to come.

I can’t specify what they are at this point, but in the coming days and weeks we’ll be enhancing both the user experience AND infrastructure supporting your campaign landing pages. Sit tight, and buckle up folks.

My Metaphorical Conclusion

Over the next few months, we’re going to continue to roll out enhancements to the platform. Whether these improvements take the form of new features or better infrastructure our goal will remain the same- Build a platform that gives brands the most reliable, cutting-edge, and streamlined method to market in realtime.

So, to sum everything up in the form of my favorite quote from Back To The Future, “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

Chirpify In The News: Actiontags for TV


Today we announced Actiontags for TV and wanted to share some great metrics we’ve seen from the last 90 days!

You can find all of  the information & metrics in our full product press release. Some highlights include:

5,000 Tweets Per Hour

A recent brand campaign featured #actiontags in a prime-time TV commercial, offering customers first access to a new product. That campaign drove up to 5,000 tweets per hour — catapulting the campaign to become a nationally-trending Twitter topic.

300,000 Consumers in 90 days

More than 300,000 consumers used the #actiontag service to buy or sample a product, enter a promotion, or buy premium content in the last 90 days.

Huge Conversion

65% of #actiontag users followed through to either buy a product or enter a promotion.

Increasing Followers

During one Chirpify campaign, a brand added 20,000 Twitter followers (a 10% increase) in under a week.

Earned Media

#actiontags drove 50 million earned media impressions, and reached more than 25 million social accounts. 

Never before has TV been activated as a two-way form of communication where consumers can respond immediately and get something in return, based on a hashtag they saw on TV.

“Chirpify enables adidas to engage our customers in fundamentally new ways, leveraging social media as the point of conversion. They’ve allowed us to drive more value – and revenue – from our brand marketing efforts.”
– Jeremy Darlow, senior brand and digital marketing manager at adidas

It’s been great to see the coverage from our local PDX outlets like KGW News (watch the video clip!) Portland Biz Journal and Silicon Florist. You can also find more details via GeekWire, Marketing LandThe DrumMy Social Agency, The Realtime Report & Digital Transactions.

We can’t wait for what is to come. Stay tuned!

Chirpify & Lenovo Run Activated Sweepstakes

We had a great time at CES this year, joining some great companies at the The Mindshare HuddleA round robin with emerging companies in the industry revolving around the theme of Adaptive Marketing. 

We joined Foursquare, Tumblr, Percolate, Wave, Kiip and many more to discuss the importance of social + mobile + hashtags and what they mean as a serious social conversion opportunity for brands both online and offline. 

Watch the video above to see our very own Kevin Tate talk about Chirpify and it’s value to brands in social media. 

Read the full article on Beet.TV here.

Forever 21 Activates Holiday Commerce Promotion

Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Rory Felton

It’s been a busy time here at Chirpify. In fact, we’ve grown from one employee (props to fearless leader Chris) in April of this year to seven today (and growing).

A big hire we recently made is adding Rory Felton as Vice President of Business Development—Music. Rory is an amazing addition to the team with an impressive background.

It’s a tall task to summarize Rory’s experience since it is so extensive, but here it goes: co-founded a record company at 18 years old (The Militia Group), featured in Billboard Magazine’s Top 30 Executives Under 30, sold over 5 million recordings as executive producer, developed artists later acquired by Sony, Universal and EMI, created a publishing joint venture with BMG Music Publishing (acquired by Universal), executive producer of music videos viewed by tens of millions of people on MTV, VH1, YouTube, and Vevo… The list of accomplishments by Felton is literally endless and we’re looking forward to him driving our growth in the music space.

But wouldn’t you rather hear what Rory has to say?

Chirpify: What’s your favorite thing about Chirpify?

Rory Felton: I love that Chirpify is turning ecommerce on its head by removing all frictions of a traditional payment or e-commerce system. Chirpify is so simple yet so revolutionary—it transforms Twitter from a broadcast platform into a transactional one. 

C: Why do you think Chirpify is set up for success?
RF: The combination of frictionless one step transactions, social commerce, content delivery, and Twitter’s real-time reach, is what makes Chirpify such a powerful platform.

C: You live in LA. Why not Chirpify’s headquarters in Portland?
RF: Portland is not only home to artists like The Decemberists and the late Elliott Smith, it has also become a hotbed for emerging technology. It is a great city and I will be relocating in the near future. In the meantime Los Angeles is still the entertainment capitol and has been my home for the last twelve years.

C: What’s your favorite artist?
RF: An impossible question to answer. Usually I go with the classics such as Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, or Bob Dylan. There are of course thousands of records in my catalog I enjoy. Today I’ve been spinning Frank Ocean, Delta Spirit and Wildcat Wildcat. 

Join us in welcoming Rory Felton to the team. Great to have you on board!

Feature Update!

Hey Chirps!

We really love our users. They’re smart, artistic and pretty cutting edge if you ask us.

That’s why we do our best to listen to you all when it comes to adding new features on Chirpify.

In recent months, we’ve added Direct Donations and the ability touse exclamations with the “buy” command.

Today, we’re pretty pumped to announce a bevy of new features.

Upload Limit

Once upon a time Chirpify had a 30 megabyte limit for digital content. Sad days those were, but our developers are pretty cool, so when we asked them to increase that limit, they replied with glee. Some lines of code and a few days laters, we now support 1 gigabyte for digital uploads. Yah, 1GB, or 33.3x more upload space for you.

Listing Landing Pages

Twitter is our homeboy- but we understand many of you have blogs, websites, Facebook Pages and other means of social networking. So we’ve created Listing Landing Pages. These pages allow you the ability to post the items you’re selling all across the web. Check out a few examples of our favorite listing landing pages!
Teal Blue Canvas by @ethanollie
Tickets Giveaway by @sydneywayser
Phil Wickham’s “Response” by @freeccm

ePub Files

Authors far and wide traveled the interweb to Chirpify, but alas were not able to upload their eBooks. It was not the best of times, only the worst of times. But unlike Dickens, we wanted to get to the point quickly. So now we support selling ePub files directly in Chirpify! Looks like it’s about time you finish that novel you’ve been working on.


Good things come in pairs, which is why we thought inviting your friends to Chirpify should be easier! You can now invite your friends to use Chirpify directly in your Chirpify Dashboard! Looks like you’ll finally be able to get them to pay up for that big night you all had a couple weeks back.

Promotion and Coupon Codes

We still enjoy waking up on Sunday morning, brewing a french press of coffee, turning on cartoons and cutting out coupons from the Sunday paper. That said, we’ve been thinking “What if we eliminated cutting out those coupons? I bet that’d add a year of our life to just play and have fun!” So we did exactly that. You can now deliver users coupon codes once they’ve purchased an item via Chirpify. To find our more, just contact us!