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LPGA Grow Girls Golf Case Study


LPGA Case Study

The Founder’s Cup is an annual tournament that raises funds for Girls Golf Foundation. The LPGA layered on a Chirpify campaign to the typical donation methods as a way to add social giving to the list of ways people could donate to the cause. By simply posting the hashtags #Donate #GrowGirlsGolf or retweeting the brand or influencers, they would immediately get a response back with a link to complete their donation. 

Campaign Results:

  • 1.625 million impressions and earned media awareness.

  • Conversions rates remained at 15% higher than typical social donation.

  • Up to 30Xs the follower acquisition per day then typical rates for their Twitter handle.

Chirpify Benefits:

Chirpify allows users to respond and participate in social media no matter where they see a call-to-action. It opened up a whole new channel for the Foundation’s cause and allowed users to donate money within social and not a complicated micro-site no matter where they saw the donation instructions throughout the event. The added benefit of also collecting data of those who participated to compile for future donation campaign promotions. 

Eminem Case Study



Eminem teamed up with Chirpify for #GivingTuesday 2013 to help raise money for Wolverine Human Services, a Detroit based social service agency helping troubled teens. Eminem took to Twitter and encouraged his fans to instantly donate $10 to Wolverine and promised to match every dollar up to $100,000. All it took was one tweet.

Campaign Results:

  • The message received over 2.5k retweets resulting in over 14 million impressions.


#GivingTuesday takes place once a year, where thousands of brands partake in raising awareness and funds for small businesses or non-profit organizations. By using actiontags, Eminems campaign broke through the clutter of a trending topic and reached far more people than any of his typical posts. Several news outlets picked up on his story- extending the reach of the non-profit he supports.