OREO Case Study

How Chirpify drove instant conversion from TV during the Grammys     For the first time ever, OREO launched a product sampling campaign by featuring an #actiontag in a prime-time TV commercial. It offered customers first access to a new product flavor by adding the hashtag #SendMeOreo at the end of the TV spot, which aired during [...]

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How Conversational Conversion Happens Over Social

[zee_divider size="divider-sm"] It just makes sense that Chris Messina, the former Google designer who first proposed that Twitter adopt the hashtag, in a Medium post earlier this year said, "I’m ready to call it: 2016 will be the year of conversational commerce." I’ve been closely following the growing buzz on the topic given Chirpify’s seminal [...]

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Actiontags: The Next Wave of Call-To-Actions

We recently read an article where B2C author defines a call-to-action as a “button, banner or some type of graphic or text meant to encourage a user to click.” To extend on this marketing practice that can be seen across various channels (TV, social, emails) we see this strategy as a motivation tool for consumers. [...]

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adidas Targets High School Football Players with Social Bracket Campaign

Many brands leverage major live events as in-the-moment marketing opportunities to create earned media and consumer engagement within new markets. There was no shortage of this during this years NCAA Tournament as brands launched both planned and on-the-spot branded content throughout the games. adidas strategically used Chirpify to run a High School football bracket hosted [...]

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Chirpify In The News: Actiontags for TV

Today we announced Actiontags for TV and wanted to share some great metrics we’ve seen from the last 90 days! You can find all of  the information & metrics in our full product press release. Some highlights include: 5,000 Tweets Per Hour A recent brand campaign featured #actiontags in a prime-time TV commercial, offering customers [...]

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Chirpify & Lenovo Run Activated Sweepstakes

#Enter to win a brand new Yoga Tablet by simply RTing this tweet! We have a #Yogatablet up for grabs pic.twitter.com/Bq48ZQFCER — Lenovo ANZ (@Lenovo_ANZ) December 19, 2013 Over a four week period, Lenovo and Chirpify ran an activated sweepstakes- #Enter to win a free Yoga Tablet! Although the promotion ran for a month (which [...]

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Tampa Bay Bolts Run Social Playoff Giveaway

Tampa Bay Lightning faced the Montreal Canadiens in the 2014 NHL playoffs. The organization turned to their Twitter following to create buzz around the games & events while also engaging and learning about their fans. The Promotion TWEET SWEEPS: Want to win this signed Filppula jersey? Just RT to #enter! #GoBolts pic.twitter.com/TZCRhuNVl5 — Tampa Bay [...]

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Sprint Runs Smartphone Giveaway with Chirpify

Chirpify has teamed up with Sprint to amplify the awareness around their new smartphones for the holidays. It all started with a simple strategy —use an #ActionTag on social to ask fans to #Enter to win 1 of 5 new devices over 5 days. By simply RTing a Sprint post or by clicking on the [...]

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E-Publications and Chirpify – A Perfect Match

Today we had author and contributing editor at Wired Magazine David Wolman list an ePub version of his book,The End of Money, for sale on Chirpify. David Wolman is an ideal partnership for Chirpify for numerous reasons. The End of Money delves into the rapid disappearance of physical money and how technology and other means are [...]

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