Announcing Chirpify Social Loyalty CRM

"Know your audience." It’s a simple and obvious mantra for any successful business. What’s not so simple and obvious is exactly how to go about getting to know your customers, connecting their identities in social media and messaging to existing customer records. Even further, if that data is obtained, most brands don’t know what to [...]

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Brands Focus on Digital for #BackToSchool

One of the biggest shopping “holidays” every year is back to school shopping. With hundreds of thousands of families flooding into stores and browse online, this gives major retail players the opportunity to significantly boost sales. This year, these brands took to social media to help leverage and generate buzz towards their individual back to [...]

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Actiontags: The Next Wave of Call-To-Actions

We recently read an article where B2C author defines a call-to-action as a “button, banner or some type of graphic or text meant to encourage a user to click.” To extend on this marketing practice that can be seen across various channels (TV, social, emails) we see this strategy as a motivation tool for consumers. [...]

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Why Facebook & Twitter are Entering the World of Online Commerce

Consumers today value simplicity and convenience. Social media has significantly contributed to this by simplifying information to as little as 140 characters and allowing users to filter what information they receive, whenever they want. Social has also created a more interactive platform for consumers. It is norm for users to share, retweet, comment, like, as [...]

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Hashtags: The True Star of a Campaign

Recently, published an article, “Calvin Klien’s Fall Campaign Stars Lara Stone and a Hashtag,” that focuses on the brands use of hashtags for their new fall line. #MyCalvins, will be featured on various forms of media such as print, digital, in-store and outdoor advertisements. While the hashtag has already engaged 6 million fans, it [...]

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Measure Television Media ROI Using Social Media

In case you missed part one of this three part series, we discussed how to use social as a point of conversion from traditional media placements. We’ve already covered how this works for billboards placements and today we are going to talk about television conversion. Many people have discussed the connection between TV and social [...]

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Forever 21 Activates Holiday Commerce Promotion

Get a limited 10% promo code to celebrate your #ForeverHoliday. Simply Retweet to get the promo code #Gimme — Forever 21 (@Forever21) December 20, 2013 During the holidays, seeing a brand offer a promotional code in your newsfeed is no surprise. However, when Forever 21 teamed up with Chirpify, the goal was to make [...]

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Why I Chose Chirpify

Hi. I’m Heath. I recently relocated from Chicago (by way of San Francisco and Oklahoma) to join the Chirpify team here in Portland, OR. I’ve had quite a few friends, family members and Chirpify users ask me why I’d move 2,200 miles to join a new startup, so I figured I’d address just that. I [...]

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