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Sprint Runs Smartphone Giveaway with Chirpify

Chirpify has teamed up with Sprint to amplify the awareness around their new smartphones for the holidays.

It all started with a simple strategy —use an #ActionTag on social to ask fans to #Enter to win 1 of 5 new devices over 5 days. By simply RTing a Sprint post or by clicking on the branded campaign page through Facebook, users could participate easily with just a few clicks.

A strong offer and simplified user experience lead to quick and measurable results for the brand:

There was no need for a large Twitter media buy or banner ads— this campaign took off overnight because Sprint capitalized on social media user behavior, allowing people to participate in-steam and on the go, turning that participation into conversion. Of the thousands of people participating in this giveaway, over 70% were doing so via mobile.

Because of Chirpify’s message automation technology and mobile landing page, Sprint was able to:

1. Follow up with every user who engaged (retweeted, clicked) on the campaign post with the link to enter the giveaway

2. Convert those actions into completed entries using a mobile-optimized landing page for easy conversion

Making the process even more seamless, Chirpify created a new feature for this campaign— allowing people to checkout the contest entry form as a guest while still capturing the social IDs tied to email address for future Sprint outreach.

While the single campaign messaging point on social is generating over 1MM impressions, thousands of engagement points and major fan growth for Sprint’s social channels— the major win is within the number of completed entries and data captured in a very short period of time.

This is just the beginning. This contest Launched on Monday Dec 9th and ends 11:59pm CTS on Friday Dec 13th. See it in action or join in the fun, here. Stay tuned for final campaign results!


Sprint Framily High 5 Case Study


Sprint Framily Case Study

To promote the launch of the Samsung GS5 Sprint gave away 7 of the new devices. As a way to increase engagement Sprint asked users to upload their best “Framily High 5” photo on Twitter to be entered for a chance to win.  

Campaign Results:

  • 2.2MM impressions were generated from this campaign.
  • The conversion rate of those who completed their entry was 89%.

  • Almost 70% of all traffic was via mobile.

Chirpify Benefits:

With a high barrier of entry (asking consumers to post a photo to be eligible to win) engagement with #actiontags allowed the campaign to earn addition earned awareness. The brand was still able to collect over 400 emails of participating consumers whether or not they completed the entry, learning more about their engaged consumer followers. 

Sprint Holideals Case Study


Sprint Case Study

In conjunction with Sprint’s Holiday messaging we launched a Sweepstakes, giving away 5 brand new phones in 5 days. Entries were through Facebook and Twitter only. To enter on Twitter a user simply had to use the two hashtags #Enter #SprintHolideals, or RT a Sprint post with those two hashtags. Anyone that posted the hashtags were sent a link to enter.

Campaign Results:

  • 50,755 visits to the campaign page from social

  • 24k completed entries into the sweepstakes (24k emails collected)

  • 1.3MM social accounts reaches, with 2.6 MM estimated impressions

Chirpify Benefits:

By activating a sweepstakes campaign, something Sprint does often the brand was able to reach far more people and collect data of those interested in a particular product. This campaign saw a 25X engagement increase vs. typical sweepstake posts.  

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