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Brands Leverage Chirpify For #SXSW


Avos from Mexico #GuacNRoll

Frictionless contesting – smart rules based recipe delivery

Coming off of a strong SuperBowl campaign in which its efforts were lauded among the best of show, Avos from Mexico has teamed up again with Chirpify to activate social as a mechanism for converting consumers. Bringing to the table (pun intended) just the zesty mix that the SXSW Music Fest has become known for, Avocados from Mexico mixed music, technology and tasty recipes this past week with its SXSW #GuacNRoll campaign.

With a South Bites food court tent as home base, Avocados from Mexico hosted 34 bands as they made their own batches of guacamole. They encouraged SXSW attendees – and folks at home – to participate by entering for a chance to win amazing music prizes such as tickets and cash to any U.S. concert or a concert in Mexico along with a 3 day/2 night trip to the Hard Rock Hotel.

Specifically, Avocados from Mexico used the Chirpify platform to engage and convert consumers who interacted with the social trigger #GuacNRoll. In the background Chirpify was listening, applied rules from its rules engine and automatically responded to the consumer. In this case, fans who tweeted with the hashtag were entered into the contest and thanked with a recipe, which could be found at a special GuacNMusic landing site where they could get additional recipes and learn more about the contest.

Rewards like these increase organic reach; as people share the brand moment, others see it and join in because their friends have already advocated socially for the brand, and they know they will also be rewarded by the brand for participating. Activating this campaign at SXSW further proves the effectiveness of social mobile campaigns where consumers can engage and transact with a brand by simply setting off a trigger—in this case #GuacNRoll. Avocados from Mexico smartly uses this omni-channel remote control to their advantage with this activated campaign that converts marketing instantly.

Marriott #WithTheBand

Geo-fenced social media surprise and delight

Marriott’s Loyalty team was one of a handful of brands that stole the show, according to AdWeek. Marriott’s efforts promoted its loyalty program during the SXSW Interactive and Music Fests, achieving 42.8 million Twitter impressions and over 2,055 mentions. Marriott livestreamed sponsored music from the show on Twitter and Periscope and promoted it with #Withtheband.

Chirpify helped Marriott get the word out with a geo-targeted response campaign. Our platform listened for SXSW attendees who tweeted an intent to learn more about music events taking place at SXSW. If the attendee’s presence in Austin could be confirmed with Twitter geodata, they received a single automated response containing an image invitation to concerts taking place at the JW Marriott Austin on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday nights.

This highly targeted, highly relevant interaction asked nothing of the targeted Twitter user and contained content of significant value. Randomized responses allowed for engagement at scale without being impersonal, and the overwhelmingly positive response to the invitation tweets reflected that.

Both Avocados from Mexico and Marriott Rewards embodied the spirit of innovation and creativity inspired by SXSW in partnership with Chirpify. To learn more about how you can inspire your customers with Chirpify, reach out today.

Let’s Bury Our Hearts in Austin, TX

Once a year the music world coalesces on Austin, TX with an absurd number of bands, managers, agents, labels, promoters, fans, groupies, and everything and everyone in-between.   Spring break for the music industry.  I hold fond memories of jumping fences to sneak into shows like catch Death From Above 1979, Lou Reed, Moby, and N.E.R.D. Catching The Black Keys with 15 people at the Filter party almost 10 years ago. Hosting my first SXSW showcase in 2003 with Acceptance, Copeland and The Rocket Summer,  and trying to help your roommates remember where they went when they disappeared between 3am and 6am.

We will be present for the whole music week and we’d love to meet you in person, give you the spiel on how Chirpify can help you sell more music, merchandise and engage directly with your fans. We’re happy to give a demo.   We love helping artists sell more and make more money.

Email us sxsw@chirpify.com and we’ll set up a time.

“I invented punk rock” – Lou Reed

– Rory Felton, VP of Business Development, Music & Entertainment

Beeminder Users Chirpify API

We love our API partners. They’re sharp and creative, which is exactly what we look for in our partners. Tweet-a-Beer exploded overnight at SxSw and now one of our newest API partners, Beeminder, is all the buzz.

We sat down with Beeminder (who happens to work in the office space above us) and chat a little bit about their service and integration with Chirpify.


Q: What is Beeminder?

A: Beeminder is a tool that helps align actions and intention to improve life for individuals
and groups. Essentially, someone sets a goal, tracks the progress of their goals and achievements.Most goal-tracking software uses positive reinforcement, but Beeminder has taken a different approach. Beeminder uses Negative Punishment (or omission training) to motivate people.When you set a goal, you have the option to create a challenge with monetary value. If you fail you goal, you pay up. It literally puts the money where your mouth is.

Q: What were the goals in implementing Chirpify’s API?

A: Simply put, make payments, goal-centric focus inherently social. By adding the potential for public shame and public payment, we see it as another motivation tool.

Q: What are the specifics of your API integration?

A: We added it as another payment option, much like a credit card. If you fail your goal/contract, Beeminder emails you to notify you of such failure. Then our API calls Chirpify to process the payment. A tweet is automatically generated from your account, and the payment is sent.

Q: Where can we learn more about Beeminder?

A: Our website. You can read about our Chirpify integration on our latest blog too!

Following up on the wildly successful campaign and app built on top of our APItenfour posted the above videohighlighting the buzz Tweet-a-Beer achieved.

The video serves as a sweet wrap up with detailed stats on exposure, reach, mentions and more. The takeaway here is that social payments, wrapped in a well executed creative campaign, can be extremely viral and powerful.

During the height of SXSW we saw between 2 and 4 beers being sold every minute.

We’re happy to be the engine that powered Tweet-a-Beer. We look forward to powering many other apps. Let us know what you want to build with Chirpify.