Better Product Sampling with Social Media

Since before social media, product sampling was already intuitively social. From grocery store tasting trays to department store perfume reps- sampling has been a great way for brands to connect with potential consumers directly. Giving an undecided purchaser the chance to try your product, at little cost to the company, can highly influence their on-the-spot [...]

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Why Infrastructure Matters

My Metaphorical Introduction Within metropolitan areas, infrastructure and the ability to scale up are constant concerns during population booms. Portland, my personal residence, is no exception to the rule. Every morning, traffic light after traffic light, stop sign after stop sign, I trudge along at snails pace. Obviously, getting to and from work faster would [...]

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Introducing Chirpify’s Landing Page Builder

The Summary After running successful campaigns for the likes of Oreo, Sprint, Adidas, and Secret it’s clear to us that the path to success differs from brand-to-brand and vertical-to-vertical. We want to build our platform in a way that is configurable to each brand and their specific goals, so we took a few steps back and [...]

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We had a great time at CES this year, joining some great companies at the The Mindshare Huddle: A round robin with emerging companies in the industry revolving around the theme of Adaptive Marketing.  We joined Foursquare, Tumblr, Percolate, Wave, Kiip and many more to discuss the importance of social + mobile + hashtags and what they [...]


Sprint Runs Smartphone Giveaway with Chirpify

Chirpify has teamed up with Sprint to amplify the awareness around their new smartphones for the holidays. It all started with a simple strategy —use an #ActionTag on social to ask fans to #Enter to win 1 of 5 new devices over 5 days. By simply RTing a Sprint post or by clicking on the [...]

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Let’s Bury Our Hearts in Austin, TX

Once a year the music world coalesces on Austin, TX with an absurd number of bands, managers, agents, labels, promoters, fans, groupies, and everything and everyone in-between.   Spring break for the music industry.  I hold fond memories of jumping fences to sneak into shows like catch Death From Above 1979, Lou Reed, Moby, and [...]

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Why I Chose Chirpify

Hi. I’m Heath. I recently relocated from Chicago (by way of San Francisco and Oklahoma) to join the Chirpify team here in Portland, OR. I’ve had quite a few friends, family members and Chirpify users ask me why I’d move 2,200 miles to join a new startup, so I figured I’d address just that. I [...]

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Feature Update!

Hey Chirps! We really love our users. They’re smart, artistic and pretty cutting edge if you ask us. That’s why we do our best to listen to you all when it comes to adding new features on Chirpify. In recent months, we’ve added Direct Donations and the ability touse exclamations with the “buy” command. Today, we’re pretty pumped [...]

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Chirpify For Artists? An Interview with Marc Johns

Most people don’t know this about Chirpify but we aren’t just techies. Chris is a photographer. Rory owned a record label. Heath published a collection of poetry. Needless to say, we all have artistic outlets that take up much of our non-technical time. Marc Johns is just one of these many fascinations of ours and [...]

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Tweetlection- Chirpolitics in Action

Election season is upon us here in the United States. It’s one of the most confusing but  important aspects of our society. Somewhere between the attack ads, Super PACs and Interest groups, there lives democracy, choice and expression. Chirpify, albeit a small team, is pretty diverse politically- From Ron Paul enthusiasts to volunteers for Barack [...]

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