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Better Product Sampling with Social Media

Since before social media, product sampling was already intuitively social. From grocery store tasting trays to department store perfume reps- sampling has been a great way for brands to connect with potential consumers directly. Giving an undecided purchaser the chance to try your product, at little cost to the company, can highly influence their on-the-spot decision making.

Since digital landscapes evolved, brands have learned to listen and participate with users who are talking about their product and intervene on the conversion. Rather than “the data blindness that comes from selling most of its products through retailers,” CPG brands in particular have been running social sweepstakes and building coupon microsites in order to learn more about interested consumers and track engagement based on products.

However, consumers and brands are getting smarter. Consumers expect to get products in their hands when they participate and brands are expected to respond or provide the consumer with their ask instantly. Now, brand marketers can’t make product sampling random- but that they have to make it matter and contribute to the bottom line.

Social media has proven a successful channel to reach out to consumers in the most direct and instant way. According to Neilsen, “Globally, 46% of consumers use social media to help make purchase decisions.” When focused on the right shopper, and finding them in the right medium brands now have the power to “drive impact and determine what drives the biggest return on investment.”

Social Sampling Done Right:


Social technology and automation software allows brands to instantly engage and convert interested users from any media outlets (social, TV, print, billboard, digital ads). By using #actiontags (#try #newproduct) across media, brands can automatically find and respond to a user with their offer. This acts as a consumer opt in— allowing them to get something in return instantly and on-the-go (mobile, mobile, mobile!). This technology also allows companies to capture unique data (shipping address, social ID, age, location, favorite ice cream flavor) of engaged consumers and allows products to be distributed to those most likely to purchase.

Benefits of Social Sampling via Chirpify:

  • More Qualified – gather information about consumers first so that you can put samples in the hands of those most likely to have a good product experience, and spread the word

  • Higher Amplification – Because friends and followers can see when a consumer requests a sample using an #Actiontag, there is a dramatic increase in the earned media amplification. This is also a great way to reach audiences that don’t respond to traditional ads/offers.

  • Cost Effective – By using Chirpify to offers samples directly via social conversion, brands avoid the typical costs associated with a microsite or custom sampling form.

Examples of Social Sampling Done Right:


For the first time ever, OREO launched a product sampling campaign by featuring an #actiontag in a prime-time TV commercial. It offered customers first access to a new product flavor by adding the hashtag #SendMeOreo at the end of the TV spot, which aired during the 2014 Grammys.

By activating a TV commercial within social media using an #actiontag, Oreo was able to amplify their message within an online channel, reward engaged viewers and distribute product to those who have shown intent.



  • The campaign drove up to 5,000 tweets per hour, catapulting the campaign to become a national Trending Twitter Topic. 
  • oreo gained over 15k new followers in 12 hours with Chirpify – they normally average 1k per day.
  • #SendMeOreo accounted for 5.3% of the total Grammy impressions on Twitter.
  • Social product sampling program delivered 20k product packages to engaged social customers.
  • #Actiontag participation and sharing drove more than 46 million impressions and reached 22 million social accounts.

2. Secret

Secret used Chirpify for a product sampling campaign– getting their new Secret Clinical Strength deodorant into the hands of busy, social moms. Seeding began by activating a product post within a Twitter mom’s group.


Activating social posts allows brands to capitalize on fan conversations and participation. It propels content across feeds, and sometimes across channels, enabling organic content to spread like wildfire. Additionally, brands are able to reward users and distribute product to those who have shown intent by using the #actiontags.


  • News of the deal spread online and then to Facebook, with thousands of Tweets using the branded actiontags
  • The campaign hashtag #StressStinks then became a national Twitter Trending Topic.
  • 5,000 products were claimed within 4 hours.

3. TaylorMade

TaylorMade Golf launched their new Project (a) Golf Ball at the AT&T National Pro-Am at Pebble Beach. To expand the excitement around the new product TMaG ran a #Enter to win Chirpify campaign on Twitter, Facebook and through their email marketing, with the goal of giving away 10K sleeves of the new ball.


TaylorMade Golf was able to use their email marketing list to engage people within social media. By putting a tweet intent in their email (“Tweet #Want #ProjectA on social to enter to win”) they took a private offer into the public sector. Because of the data collection, TMaG was able to get the balls into the hands of qualified consumers, likely to purchase the ball in the future.


  • Through Chirpify, TMaG was able to give away all 10K sleeves within 2 days of the campaign launch, the same weekend of the Pro-Am.
  • There were 32,000 intents, all of which TMaG was able to capture data for specific golfers (type of handicap).
  • One tweet reached 1.19MM accounts and generated upwards of 1.42MM estimated impressions.
  • Chirpify delivered over 7k direct responses to people to complete their entry.

Find out more about how Chirpify’s tehcnology works here or download our Sampling Solution One-Pager for more detailed information.

Why Infrastructure Matters

My Metaphorical Introduction

Within metropolitan areas, infrastructure and the ability to scale up are constant concerns during population booms.

Portland, my personal residence, is no exception to the rule. Every morning, traffic light after traffic light, stop sign after stop sign, I trudge along at snails pace. Obviously, getting to and from work faster would make life easier for me, but it would also expedite my productivity and time dedicated to Chirp things.

Technology is no different than roads and bridges. The more people you have accessing your technology, the more important it is to optimize processes, infrastructure, and accessibility. You need to be able to support more hypothetical cars on the road and prevent the volume from creating massive traffic jams.

We’ve been working on a few ways to make Chirpify’s infrastructure faster so your realtime marketing efforts can take it to the next level of effectiveness, efficiency, and speed.

What We’ve Done

Improved Response Time on Social, or “We feel the need. The need for speed.”

Whether it’s a sign up notification or a confirmation of success, the time between your audience posting actiontags and receiving an automated message is precious. Our engineering team optimized that portion of the platform to ensure that messages are sent quickly and consistently despite the volume of tweets the technology is processing. After doing numerous load tests, we are seeing responses averaging about 6 seconds to be delivered. You can see the expedited solution implemented in AT&Ts recent giveaway of HTC devices.

But, how does this benefit your brand?

In short, the faster the message, the better capability you have to reach out to individuals engaging with your brand. We see the message that Chirpify sends to actiontag users as the automated beginning to brand dialogue, passing the torch to your community managers to engage further. 

During a recent campaign, adidas Soccer did exactly that and the results were great! Users were excited and felt confirmed in their successful entry to their contest.

Faster Page Loads and Higher Capacity Support on Campaign Landing Pages (And More to Come!)

A good landing page experience is paramount to us. It’s where you gather the data the means the most to your brand. It’s where the users that mean the most to you further engage with your campaigns. Simply put, it’s a pivotal plot of land in numerous ways.

We’ve been working on implementing better server-side solutions to support more people on-site, while not experiencing performance dropoffs as a result. I’m happy to say that the capabilities are 10x improved week-over-week since we launched these enhancements.

So, what’s this mean to you?

Your users can access your content and campaigns more reliably, quickly, and seamlessly than ever before. We can support more traffic than ever before. The site loads just shy of the speed of light. But…there’s more optimizations on the landing page to come.

I can’t specify what they are at this point, but in the coming days and weeks we’ll be enhancing both the user experience AND infrastructure supporting your campaign landing pages. Sit tight, and buckle up folks.

My Metaphorical Conclusion

Over the next few months, we’re going to continue to roll out enhancements to the platform. Whether these improvements take the form of new features or better infrastructure our goal will remain the same- Build a platform that gives brands the most reliable, cutting-edge, and streamlined method to market in realtime.

So, to sum everything up in the form of my favorite quote from Back To The Future, “Roads? Where we’re going, we don’t need roads.”

Introducing Chirpify’s Landing Page Builder

The Summary

After running successful campaigns for the likes of Oreo, Sprint, Adidas, and Secret it’s clear to us that the path to success differs from brand-to-brand and vertical-to-vertical. We want to build our platform in a way that is configurable to each brand and their specific goals, so we took a few steps back and used these learnings to build our newest feature, The Chirpify Landing Page Builder.

The Landing Page Builder gives you the keys to determine what data you require from your fans to complete actions with Chirpify. Whether you’re running a giveaway, contest, eCommerce deal, or other campaign types, our Landing Page Builder will allow you to request the exact data you want from your users. Our implementation features a drag and drop builder that allows you to add both custom and predefined fields to your landing page experience. You can also choose to make certain fields required, while leaving other fields optional.

Because marketing and commerce are becoming more agile, we built the Landing Page Builder so you can log into your Chirpify account and add or remove these landing page fields at-will. If you want a new piece of data, or want to shorten the completion process it’s easily doable. In realtime. Without developer intervention. Without any knowledge of code. Whatsoever.

The Benefits

  • Easily configurable data-capture without developer intervention
  • Quicker turnaround time on launching Chirpify campaigns
  • Ability to be agile with learnings from current and past campaigns
  • Campaign-to-campaign data specificity

The Demo

Because I’m a product manager, I could talk about the feature all day long, but I think this feature speaks for itself. Here’s an undersized video demo of the new feature. Do yourself a favor and fullscreen this bad boy.

Below is a photo of what the landing page will look like after you’ve customized the required data in the Chirpify dashboard.


The Live Examples

We silently rolled out the feature to TaylorMade Golf and Adidas Football and immediately saw a couple interesting use cases. TaylorMade Golf collected user golf handicaps during their recent giveaway of 10,000 ProjectA golfballs. 


Adidas Football ran an in-the-moment campaign during the Super Bowl to give away some socks to Broncos and Seahawks fans. They used the Landing Page Builder to gather user age and team preference.


The End

We’ll continue to roll out features to make Chirpify more flexible and configurable for you and your brand. If you have any thoughts or ideas on how Chirpify can be more relevant to your brand, whether via data or other features feel free to contact me.

We had a great time at CES this year, joining some great companies at the The Mindshare HuddleA round robin with emerging companies in the industry revolving around the theme of Adaptive Marketing. 

We joined Foursquare, Tumblr, Percolate, Wave, Kiip and many more to discuss the importance of social + mobile + hashtags and what they mean as a serious social conversion opportunity for brands both online and offline. 

Watch the video above to see our very own Kevin Tate talk about Chirpify and it’s value to brands in social media. 

Read the full article on Beet.TV here.

Sprint Runs Smartphone Giveaway with Chirpify

Chirpify has teamed up with Sprint to amplify the awareness around their new smartphones for the holidays.

It all started with a simple strategy —use an #ActionTag on social to ask fans to #Enter to win 1 of 5 new devices over 5 days. By simply RTing a Sprint post or by clicking on the branded campaign page through Facebook, users could participate easily with just a few clicks.

A strong offer and simplified user experience lead to quick and measurable results for the brand:

There was no need for a large Twitter media buy or banner ads— this campaign took off overnight because Sprint capitalized on social media user behavior, allowing people to participate in-steam and on the go, turning that participation into conversion. Of the thousands of people participating in this giveaway, over 70% were doing so via mobile.

Because of Chirpify’s message automation technology and mobile landing page, Sprint was able to:

1. Follow up with every user who engaged (retweeted, clicked) on the campaign post with the link to enter the giveaway

2. Convert those actions into completed entries using a mobile-optimized landing page for easy conversion

Making the process even more seamless, Chirpify created a new feature for this campaign— allowing people to checkout the contest entry form as a guest while still capturing the social IDs tied to email address for future Sprint outreach.

While the single campaign messaging point on social is generating over 1MM impressions, thousands of engagement points and major fan growth for Sprint’s social channels— the major win is within the number of completed entries and data captured in a very short period of time.

This is just the beginning. This contest Launched on Monday Dec 9th and ends 11:59pm CTS on Friday Dec 13th. See it in action or join in the fun, here. Stay tuned for final campaign results!


Let’s Bury Our Hearts in Austin, TX

Once a year the music world coalesces on Austin, TX with an absurd number of bands, managers, agents, labels, promoters, fans, groupies, and everything and everyone in-between.   Spring break for the music industry.  I hold fond memories of jumping fences to sneak into shows like catch Death From Above 1979, Lou Reed, Moby, and N.E.R.D. Catching The Black Keys with 15 people at the Filter party almost 10 years ago. Hosting my first SXSW showcase in 2003 with Acceptance, Copeland and The Rocket Summer,  and trying to help your roommates remember where they went when they disappeared between 3am and 6am.

We will be present for the whole music week and we’d love to meet you in person, give you the spiel on how Chirpify can help you sell more music, merchandise and engage directly with your fans. We’re happy to give a demo.   We love helping artists sell more and make more money.

Email us sxsw@chirpify.com and we’ll set up a time.

“I invented punk rock” – Lou Reed

– Rory Felton, VP of Business Development, Music & Entertainment

Why I Chose Chirpify

Hi. I’m Heath.

I recently relocated from Chicago (by way of San Francisco and Oklahoma) to join the Chirpify team here in Portland, OR. I’ve had quite a few friends, family members and Chirpify users ask me why I’d move 2,200 miles to join a new startup, so I figured I’d address just that.

I do a majority of my shopping online but have never been satisfied with the actual process of making the purchase. You see a product on Twitter, Facebook, Fab, Amazon, etc and you are forced to undergo numerous steps- Click the link (or “Add to Cart” button), Sign In (or if you’re a n00b, sign up for an even more excruciating experience), Edit your shipping information, Enter your payment information, Confirm order is correct, Place order.

Each step along the way, a little seed of doubt grows larger and larger in my brain. Should I buy this now or wait? Should I look around to find it elsewhere? What if it makes me look fat?

This is what we call friction. In most cases, other than physics, friction is not good. It creates the opportunity for me to question myself, lose interest and ultimately makes me feel as if I’m spending too much time on one task. It creates drop-off. Anything that limits conversions is friction and that is bad.

So, naturally, when I found Chirpify I was delighted to find that my online commerce experience(both as a seller and buyer) would be frictionless. The ability to create an account by connecting my Twitter and Paypal. The ability to purchase the items I want with one-step. The decentralization of commerce.

That’s why I chose Chirpify.

Having worked in social media for the past few years, I’ve always felt like there’s a disconnect between buying a product and connecting with a brand. In the brick-and-mortar days, that disconnect didn’t exist. You stepped into a store, picked out your item, walked to the cash register and most likely engaged in some sort of conversation with the individual working there, whether trivial or not. With traditional eCommerce, you had none of that- just a few added steps along the way.

Chirpify’s conversational commerce does a terrific job of bridging that relational gap. It allows users the power to purchase a product by conversing with the brand. Likewise, it gives brands the ability to converse more deeply with that individual.

The ability to purchase directly in Twitter, where I’m already spending my time. The ability to connect more profoundly with the things I care about. The ability to share what I love with those that I love.

That’s why I chose Chirpify.

Simply put, I wasn’t satisfied with the status quo. I hated the friction. The laborious processes frustrated me. I missed out on the connection. Fortunately for me, Chirpify has remedied that.

Feature Update!

Hey Chirps!

We really love our users. They’re smart, artistic and pretty cutting edge if you ask us.

That’s why we do our best to listen to you all when it comes to adding new features on Chirpify.

In recent months, we’ve added Direct Donations and the ability touse exclamations with the “buy” command.

Today, we’re pretty pumped to announce a bevy of new features.

Upload Limit

Once upon a time Chirpify had a 30 megabyte limit for digital content. Sad days those were, but our developers are pretty cool, so when we asked them to increase that limit, they replied with glee. Some lines of code and a few days laters, we now support 1 gigabyte for digital uploads. Yah, 1GB, or 33.3x more upload space for you.

Listing Landing Pages

Twitter is our homeboy- but we understand many of you have blogs, websites, Facebook Pages and other means of social networking. So we’ve created Listing Landing Pages. These pages allow you the ability to post the items you’re selling all across the web. Check out a few examples of our favorite listing landing pages!
Teal Blue Canvas by @ethanollie
Tickets Giveaway by @sydneywayser
Phil Wickham’s “Response” by @freeccm

ePub Files

Authors far and wide traveled the interweb to Chirpify, but alas were not able to upload their eBooks. It was not the best of times, only the worst of times. But unlike Dickens, we wanted to get to the point quickly. So now we support selling ePub files directly in Chirpify! Looks like it’s about time you finish that novel you’ve been working on.


Good things come in pairs, which is why we thought inviting your friends to Chirpify should be easier! You can now invite your friends to use Chirpify directly in your Chirpify Dashboard! Looks like you’ll finally be able to get them to pay up for that big night you all had a couple weeks back.

Promotion and Coupon Codes

We still enjoy waking up on Sunday morning, brewing a french press of coffee, turning on cartoons and cutting out coupons from the Sunday paper. That said, we’ve been thinking “What if we eliminated cutting out those coupons? I bet that’d add a year of our life to just play and have fun!” So we did exactly that. You can now deliver users coupon codes once they’ve purchased an item via Chirpify. To find our more, just contact us!

Chirpify For Artists? An Interview with Marc Johns

Most people don’t know this about Chirpify but we aren’t just techies. Chris is a photographer. Rory owned a record label. Heath published a collection of poetry. Needless to say, we all have artistic outlets that take up much of our non-technical time.

Marc Johns is just one of these many fascinations of ours and when we saw him utilizing Chirpify, we couldn’t resist ourselves. We HAD to interview him. Enjoy!

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.
A: I’m an artist and illustrator. I make my living primarily through the internet. I’ve been sharing and selling my drawings online for about 6 years now. I’ve also been fortunate to make illustrations for Newsweek, National Geographic, Wired, Harper Collins, and lots of other really nice people

Q: How did you first find out about Chirpify?
A: I think it was from a TechCrunch article. However I was following your previous incarnation, SellSimply.

Q: What are you currently using Chirpify for?
A: Selling original drawings. Although I plan on trying it for other things like prints and (in the future) downloadables.

Q: How has your experience using Chirpify been so far? What results have you seen?  
A: Chirpify is amazingly easy to use. And compared to traditional ecommerce, Chirpify feels like street vending. You are taking your offering and bringing it into the flow of activity. Only instead of a busy sidewalk, it’s in your followers’ Twitter streams. It’s where people are already. I’ve always been interested in finding ways to make art more accessible, and to make buying art easy and friendly and non-intimidating. The results have been great, although I think it’s still so new for people that there is some hesitation on the part of potential buyers. I was hesitant at first too. But it works like magic. I especially like how a tweet that’s selling a single original drawing will automatically disappear after it’s sold. You guys are magicians.

Q: Where can we see more of your stuff?
My website is a good place (Editors Note: We agree completely.) 

Tweetlection- Chirpolitics in Action

Election season is upon us here in the United States. It’s one of the most confusing but  important aspects of our society. Somewhere between the attack ads, Super PACs and Interest groups, there lives democracy, choice and expression. Chirpify, albeit a small team, is pretty diverse politically- From Ron Paul enthusiasts to volunteers for Barack Obama. This diversity and belief in choice is why we were excited to announce Direct Donations a couple weeks back. We wanted you to have the ability to donate to any Political or Non-Profit organization your impassioned heart desired. But, we’ll admit, We didn’t feel it was quite enough. So today, we’re proud to announce Tweetlection. Tweetlectionis a website we built to bring democracy to Twitter. It’s pretty simple really. You can donate to the candidate of your choice by tweeting directly to them with the following script.

“Donate $amount to @CandidateTwitter for Election 2012”

The donations will go straight to the candidates and each donation will count as a (virtual) vote! You’ll also be able to see an aggregate of donations for each candidate.

You only need a few things to participate in Tweetlection:

  1. Chirpify Account (Twitter+Paypal)- If you don’t have one, sign up here!
  2. A Penchant or political leaning towards one of the presidential hopefuls (learn more about the candidates here)
  3. Qualify for FEC Guidelines, including the following statements: This contribution is made from my personal funds and is not drawn on an account maintained by a corporation, labor union, or national bank; and I am a U.S. citizen or lawfully admitted permanent resident and this contribution will not be reimbursed by another person.

So do your research and participate in the most important (and first) Tweetlection in American history. Let the race begin.

A Few Places #Tweetlection is Showing Up on the Interwebs

Here is the Official Press release:

Chirpify Launches Twitter Fundraising for Politicians; Enables Contributions With A Tweet

Portland, Ore. – June 19, 2012 – Chirpify, the Twitter Commerce Platform, today announced the launch of its new Twitter Fundraising for Politicians platform, and a commitment for at least 25 U.S. Senate and House candidates to use Chirpify for their 2012 political campaigns. Chirpify’s Twitter Fundraising for Politicians enables politicians to raise money for and donors to contribute to campaigns via Twitter with a simple tweet. Also today, Chirpify launched a special “Tweet a Presidential Candidate” website that allows donors to give and track donations to the Obama and Romney presidential campaigns with a tweet at www.tweetlection.com. People can donate to either campaign by tweeting, “Donate $amount to @BarackObama for Election 2012” or “Donate $amount to @MittRomney for Election 2012” after signing up for a Chirpify account.

“There are hundreds of millions of dollars being raised for U.S. political campaigns every year, and an estimated 140 million Twitter users, “said Chirpify CEO and Founder Chris Teso. “Yet until now there was no way to directly exchange currency on Twitter. It is a no brainer to introduce Twitter Fundraising for Politicians.”

The commitment for at least 25 U.S. Senate and House candidates to raise campaign contributions via Chirpify comes from a partnership with Digital Acumen, a Twitter politics digital agency.

“Engagement is not the problem for politicians on Twitter, what is an issue is turning that interaction into donations,” said Digital Acumen CEO and Founder Andrew Hemingway. “Either potential donors get sidetracked when following a donation link from Twitter or politicians need a computer science degree to set up an online donation platform. Chirpify provides a simple solution by processing donations without ever having to leave Twitter.”

How Twitter Fundraising for Politicians Works
Using Chirpify to fundraise for a political campaign is easy. Politicians or their staff simply tweet a request for a donation from their Chirpify dashboard. For example @favoritepolitician tweets, “Are you in? Reply with ‘donate’ to give $25 via @chirpify.” Donors give by simply replying with the word donate. Example, “@favoritepolitician donate.” Chirpify makes a transaction happen and sends donors and politicians email and direct message receipts. Furthermore, donor data can be downloaded via CSV or stored in a database.

More Than Just A Fundraising Tool
Chirpify has solved a huge problem: how to monetize social media. It gives individuals, companies, organizations—anyone—the ability to buy, sell, donate or pay someone for both physical and digital goods with a simple tweet. Because it works anywhere that Twitter does, any user on any mobile phone, tablet or computer can use Chirpify to conduct seamless and secure transactions. Chirpify is a complete commerce platform, enabling consumers and businesses to buy, sell, donate and transact in-stream on Twitter. For Chirpify plans and pricing, go to http://chirpify.com/twitter_commerce.

About Chirpify
Chirpify (www.chirpify.com) is a seamless payment system for Twitter commerce. With full integration to PayPal, Chirpify enables businesses, politicians and non-profits to buy, sell, donate and exchange funds on Twitter, turning tweets into immediate transactions. Based in Portland, Oregon, the Chirpify platform is the first social commerce system to offer direct monetization through Twitter. To learn more about Chirpify and begin sending or receiving payments today, visit www.chirpify.com.

About Digital Acumen
Digital Acumen is a digital consulting firm working exclusively with politics and the Twitter platform. Digital Acumen hosted the first all Twitter Presidential Debate in July 2011, and has developed proprietary applications used by hundreds of thousands of users daily. For more information visit http://digital-acumen.com or tweet us at @DigitalAcumen.