MailChimp for Twitter

Social media marketers are often one-dimensional in their strategy, thinking only in terms of posting branded content, and promoting said content in a media buy. What they overlook is that social can, and should be, used for relationship and loyalty building, as well as a direct response channel. One of the best tactics towards achieving [...]

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Brands Focus on Digital for #BackToSchool

One of the biggest shopping “holidays” every year is back to school shopping. With hundreds of thousands of families flooding into stores and browse online, this gives major retail players the opportunity to significantly boost sales. This year, these brands took to social media to help leverage and generate buzz towards their individual back to [...]

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Social Commerce & the Twitter Buy Button

Today Twitter announced a ‘Buy Button’ as a new feature to its service. As Bloomberg News put it, “For Twitter, a tweet will soon be more than a form of communication or an ad — it will be an invitation to buy.”  The new buy button is enabled by Twitter Cards which have up to now been used [...]

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4 Ways to Benefit from Combining Facebook Brand & Direct Marketing

Many marketers think of Facebook marketing as a brand activity – not one that can drive conversion directly. However, it doesn’t have to be an either-or proposition. By combining brand marketing and direct marketing actions, social media marketers can drive both amplification and conversion. Companies are growing their social media budgets and with more money comes increased expectations [...]

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Direct Dialogue on Social Media: Celebrities & Fans

Many years ago, the closest connection fans could get to a celebrity or sports star was by simply watching them on TV or going to a venue to see them in person. Social media introduced a new connectivity to these influencers by allowing fans to follow them and receive, for the most part, original content [...]

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Why Facebook & Twitter are Entering the World of Online Commerce

Consumers today value simplicity and convenience. Social media has significantly contributed to this by simplifying information to as little as 140 characters and allowing users to filter what information they receive, whenever they want. Social has also created a more interactive platform for consumers. It is norm for users to share, retweet, comment, like, as [...]

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Twitter Testing RT with Comments- Chirpify Approves!

Today Fast Company reported that Twitter is testing RT’s with Comments. Instead of quoting a tweet and adding a comment, you can now embed a tweet that looks more like a card with your comments up top. See below: We’re excited for this upgrade here at Chirpify because we think that marriage between ‘RT’s & [...]

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#SportsConf 2014 Recap: Sports Activation

In case you missed it, our very own Chris Mike spoke during a Q&A panel at this years Sports Conference- an all virtual conference with the industries top sports, tech and social leaders. He spoke on the topic of sports 'activation' and how brands can utilize social as the point of conversion in sports arenas, [...]

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Chirpify Teams up with Eminem for #GivingTuesday Thousands of individuals and brands took part in #GivingTuesday this week, advocating and donating to non-profits around the world. Eminem and Chirpify came together to take giving back to a whole new level. Teaming up with Wolverine Human Services, a Detroit based social service agency helping troubled teens, Eminem [...]


In-Stream Facebook Commerce Is Here

Twitter, Instagram, and now In-stream Facebook Commerce Along with Twitter & Instagram, our brands, merchants, record labels and individual members have asked us for Facebook integration. The Chirp abides. We we’ve added Facebook commerce to our in-stream transaction capabilities. New Members Selling In-Stream We’re not the only ones excited about this. We’d like to welcome [...]

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