TMaG Case Study

TaylorMade Golf put on a 4 day sweepstakes, giving away exclusive Master’s gear, as a way to say thanks to their fans for helping them be the #1DriverInGolf. There was a unique giveaway Thursday through Sunday, promoted solely and organically on Twitter.   

Campaign Results:

  • 4,202 sweepstake conversions with 8,786 unique intents (use of the branded hashtags in social).

  • No paid media and still the campaign was able to generate 4.45MM impressions and reach 2.6MM unique users.

  • Over 85% of the campaign traffic was via mobile and still contributed to a 48% conversion rate. 

Chirpify Benefits:

Event sweepstakes without media dollars attached will experience natural engagement attrition as followers begin to see the messaging several times.  However, they appear to be a very cost effective and agile way to acquire CRM data, enabling TMaG to market in real time. Not only were they able to run a successful sweepstakes but they were able to collect data of users who are interested in their merchandise for future promotions.