TaylorMade Golf Activates Email Offer in Social

Brands who use actiontags in their email marketing are utilizing Chirpify as a way to socialize their email list— creating a bridge from email into social and driving valuable earned media impressions.

Chirpify’s partnership with TaylorMade Golf provided us with exciting new insights— by activating a sampling campaign within both social and email TaylorMade was able to distribute 10k new products to qualified consumers in under two days.

TaylorMade sent a promotional email to their subscribers telling them about the chance to receive free golf balls by tweeting #Enter #ProjectA, a campaign they were currently running on social. The result? We saw a huge spike in engagement on Twitter which was directly driven from the email blast. Users saw the call-to-action and were quick to participate on their social channels.


An active brand who uses actiontags in their media:

  • Allows marketing messages in an offline channel to be actionable for the consumer, no matter where they see your message
  • Gives the brand the ability to reach out to the qualified consumer and ask, “Would you like to try?” and then having the ability to fulfill those requests. 
  • Is able to understand the profiles of the consumers who engage, so that future initiatives can targeted to the right people
  • Can amplify public and direct messaging into social, reaching potential fans and consumers