The Art of the Ask

Amanda Palmer recently spoke at the TED conference in Long Beach, CA about ‘The Art of the Ask’ and I thought it was brilliant.  I have many friends who are artists – musicians, painters, furniture producers, etc – and a handful of them have concerned themselves with ‘the ask.’ They are concerned with how they appear when they ask a fan to pay for their art, music, merchandise or experiences (physical or metaphysical).  Amanda eloquently puts it in her talk: It’s time we stop asking how we make people pay for music and start asking how do we let people pay for music.  This theory applies beyond music to all creative media.

In a similar context there’s the bottled water argument. If you make it easier for someone to consume an otherwise-free item or product (recording music, visual art, printed words, etc.) people will open their wallets.  At Chirpify we’re acting upon this theory and making it as easy as possible for someone to purchase an item that in some instances (recorded music) could otherwise be free. We also second Amanda’s proposition that one should not be afraid to ‘fall into the arms of their audience’ and let them carry you. Let Chirpify enable you to sell and engage directly with your audience on social media. Don’t be afraid of ‘the ask,’ your art is worth it.

Rory Felton, VP Music & Entertainment