The only in-stream Social Commerce platform for Musicians

Chirpify enables you to sell music, merch and more directly in-stream on Social Media.

From now until the end of February 2013, Chirpify will give any independent artist who signs up for Chirpify 0% transaction fees for life.

The #Chirpifylovesmusic campaign is about helping out independent artists by giving them an incredible social commerce vehicle and e-commerce web store for no cost for life! Chirpify will make no money from any independent artist that signs up between now and the end of February for their entire career. As an artist, you get a storefront, the ability to sell directly on social media, and a digital content delivery network.

At Chirpify we love music. We’ve played in bands, made records, ran a record label, and love the independent spirit. We’re also a bit nerdy and love helping artists make more money. We love making it easier for fans to buy directly from bands.

No other e-commerce or social commerce platform can offer what Chirpify does and now we’re giving it away for a limited time because of our love for independent music.

Already have a webstore? No worries-allow Chirpify to augment your sales by enabling fans to buy directly from you in-stream on social media.

Haven’t got a webstore? We’ve got you covered and give you the easiest way for your fans to buy from you.

Need to deliver digital music or video? No worries, we do that too.

Need to sell t-shirts or tickets? Yup, that too.

You make the music, Chirpify helps you promote and sell it.

Details and sign up here: