Hotel brands want to forge long-term relationships with their customers and loyalty programs are a chief way that the industry has sought to do so. After all, having guests return time and time again is good for both the customer and the business, with benefits including greater customer retention, the ability to further personalize guest care, and greater rates of advocacy and guest referral.

In this vein, the JD Power Hotel Loyalty/Rewards Program Satisfaction Report, ranked hotel loyalty programs by their level of customer satisfaction with Marriott Rewards, Hilton Honors, IHG Rewards and La Quinta Returns receiving top marks. We are proud to say that three of the four top-ranked programs use the Chirpify platform for engagement loyalty.

Engagement Loyalty for Hotels

Chirpify’s engagement loyalty platform provides hoteliers like Marriott, La Quinta and IHG with the important ability to engage loyal customers within social media and messaging apps. In addition to connecting social and mobile actions to the brand’s loyalty program, Chirpify provides a mechanism for guests to stay connected and earn points between stays, in the process encouraging brand advocacy and earned media.

Here are the ways engagement loyalty works to further the goals of loyalty marketing.


Engagement grows as customers have a reason to engage with the brand even when they aren’t on the property. Engagement loyalty can be integrated with a company’s existing loyalty program database, allowing brands to recognize and reward loyal customers in social media and/or messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, with their own rewards currency. (And if someone isn’t a member yet, the platform knows that, too, and the person can sign up.) With greater ability for personalization, it’s easy to see why customers engage with brand posts and content on average 4x more using Chirpify. Hotel marketers can use both automation and moderation to interact with loyalty program members. For example, a brand moderator who is interacting with a given person can look up their history with the brand, which can help the moderator draft the appropriate message and deliver a reward based on the individual’s member criteria.

Surprise and Delight

Surprise and delight is enabled as brands proactively engage with people with moderated messages designed to Surprise & Delight. For example, Marriott has an ongoing program in which it reaches out to program members to celebrate their anniversary in the Marriott Rewards program with points given out in social media.


Omni-channel activation grows as hoteliers can activate campaigns from across a spectrum of media – from TV to bulletin boards and more – with Chirpify’s engagement loyalty platform. Chirpify listens in the background for social triggers that when activated, prompts an automated, rules- based response. This allows the brand to respond to consumers instantly and at scale. In addition, Chirpify’s engagement loyalty platform has gating tools such as geo-targeting that allows hotels to do things like promote site-specific events.

Customer Acquisition

New customer acquisition is enabled because these leading loyalty programs achieve important results with Chirpify. As loyal customers participate more with the brand online, they drive earned media which is seen by their networks and drives new customer interest in the program. With this, customer retention and new customer acquisition grows. Last, hotels are able to learn more about their most active consumers, furthering their ability to provide the
hospitality that drives a virtuous cycle of customer loyalty.

ROI – Driving Spend

Hotels are seeing massive ROI. One of our largest hotel customers recently did an independent ROI study and found that their socially connected loyalty members (connected via Chirpify) had the following data points vs non-connected members:

  1. Spend 75% more
  2. 2X more bookings in the same time period

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