Today we are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Paytronix to bring social loyalty to the Togo’s Tribe. Togo’s benefits from the combined Chirpify-Paytronix solution by gaining new, valuable data about its social Tribe members, and rewarding them in social media for their engagement and participation with the brand. Full press release here.

Our customers are increasingly active in social media and looking to engage there with us. Extending our loyalty program to social media doubles-down on our ability to engage with our most loyal customers when, where, and how they like. With the introduction of social loyalty, we are growing our relevance, creating a virtuous cycle of acquisition, engagement, and data collection that allows us to continually personalize offers for greater impact to the guest and the business.

Jessica Miller, Brand Manager, Digital Marketing & Communications

With the Paytronix reward program solution, Togo’s engages with its Tribe members in their channel of choice, whether that be mobile, in-store, or online. Members can, for example, sign up online as Tribe members and redeem accumulated points when in store via their mobile device. And, with Chirpify, Tribe members can earn a multitude of rewards — from exclusive specials, to surprise offers, and points — for their social media engagement which is tied to a member account linked to a Paytronix wallet.

With the addition of Chirpify, Togo’s can now engage its Tribe members over social media channels, rewarding members in exchange for participating with the brand over social media. To kick-off the program, Togo’s is encouraging Tribe members to link their social handle(s) to Togo’s Sandwiches in exchange for 10 points per channel. Tribe members that additionally follow Togo’s on its social channels will be rewarded with 15 additional points for each follow.

How It Works

The Chirpify engine listens in the background for social triggers that once set off, can automatically and immediately reward Tribe members for their interaction. At launch, Tribe members will be awarded five points for Tweets or Instagram posts with #Togos or #TogosSandwiches. Linked to the Paytronix system through its easy-to-use API, Chirpify can recognize existing Tribe members and can even create accounts for new members.

Togo’s and its Tribe members also benefit from the combined solution as the Chirpify platform identifies and collects campaign conversion data by social ID and ties it to an existing Togo’s Tribe member account linked to a Paytronix wallet. With this data in hand, Togo’s can analyze how often members redeem points, assess campaign success across channels, and much more, allowing Togo’s to fine tune its rewards, personalizing them for greater customer satisfaction and customer lifetime value to the organization.

Chirpify also allows Togo’s to extend specific cross-platform promotions to social media, using tools such as geo-targeting to promote events such as new store openings. For more information on the Togo’s solution with Chirpify and Paytronix, the full release is here.

For a business approach that drives deeper customer engagement, helps acquire valuable data, and grows customer spend, reach out to us today. We can help with a spectrum of initiatives, from integrating with an existing program like the Togo’s Paytronix-enabled solution to creating your own lightweight brand advocacy program.