Twitter Testing RT with Comments- Chirpify Approves!

Today Fast Company reported that Twitter is testing RT’s with Comments. Instead of quoting a tweet and adding a comment, you can now embed a tweet that looks more like a card with your comments up top. See below:


We’re excited for this upgrade here at Chirpify because we think that marriage between ‘RT’s & Comments’ works nicely with users who are participating in an Actiontag campaign. When users see a brand’s call-to-action post on social, they can easily retweet the message and add the appropriate Actiontags. 

Many of the brands we work with encourage followers to simply retweet their message to participate in their campaign, which is simple enough as is! With this new update, users can participate by retweeting while having more character space to let their followers know what kind of deal they are getting, content they are unlocking or contest they are entering. 

For now, this update is only showing up for a few people and only mobile only, but we’ll keep an eye out and keep you updated. Stay tuned!